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Championship winning NCAA hitting/catching coach, ASA Certified (ACE Level IV), member of NFCA & Positive Coaching Alliance, Ph.D. candidate, I-O psychology, Executive/Life Coach View all coaching experience

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  1. 415 E Winona Ave, 415 East Winona Avenue, Norwood, PA

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  • Widener University (PA)

  • 30 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Outfield, Infield, Catcher

  • Baserunning, Hitting, Fielding


  • Widener University (PA)

  • 30 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Outfield, Infield, Catcher

  • Baserunning, Hitting, Fielding

More About Coach Bill

 NCAA Head SB coach, specializes in hitting, catchers, recruiting, personal and leadership development
 ASA Certified Softball Coach (ACE Level IV), member of National Fastpitch Coaches Association (NFCA) and the Positive Coaching Alliance
 Uses Blast-Motion & Coach’s Eye performance review software
 PA state nursing license, CPR & AED certified (Exp. 2020) with FBI, State, & NCAA Clearances (HIPPA, FERPA, Title IX, VAWA, & Clery Act)

Ph.D. candidate in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Life/Executive Coach
30 years experience as coach (softball, basketball, martial-arts)

Head Softball Coach at Rosemont College (2020 - present)

NCAA Coaching Highlights

Widener University Softball - Middle Atlantic Commonwealth (MAC) Conference

 Guest Hitting and Catcher instructor at University of Georgia Softball Summer Camp (2017, 2018)
 2017 MAC Tournament Champions and NCAA D-III Regional Runners-Up; finished 28-13 (2017)
 MAC Tournament Runners-Up (2015, 2016, & 2019); achieved program best record, 31-11 (2016)
 Increased Win Percentage from .480 (2012) to .634 (2013-2019); over-all record 161-95 (2013-2019); with five 20+ win seasons since 2013 (*2018 weather-shortened season)
 2019 Offensive production: .311 (Team Avg.),.413 (Team Slg. %), .367 (Team OB%),
358 hits, 227 runs, and 201 rbi in over 1150 at-bats
 Produced 70 NFCA D-III Scholar-Athletes since 2012 (avg. 6-9 per season); 12 All-MAC Honors
 Graduated first CoSIDA District IV Academic All-American in program history (2015, 2016):
4-year All Region & All MAC, 2-year Captain, and 2016 Valedictorian (4.0 GPA)

Lettered in Football, Baseball, Swimming, Band, and Chorus (All-State); U.S. National Team Hopeful (TKD - '88 & '92 Olympic games), Certified black-belt instructor, several styles (TKD, Nihon Goshen Aikido, Jeet Kun Do, Jujitsu, American Kickboxing)

Session plan includes individual video swing analysis/evaluation of current approach and a collaborative plan to meet the specific needs and goals of the individual client/player. (I incorporate Blast Motion software and Coach's Eye analytic software.)

Hitting is a physics event, mechanically speaking, both Newtonian and Quantum physics (time/space relationships). The keys to successful hitting are swing-plane/bat-path, contact points, and weight transfer. And, as it is a failure event, emotional intelligence and psychological fortitude (i.e. grit & resilience) are essential. (Who possess that at 12, 14, or 18 years of age?!?)

Catching is a highly technical position however there is a significant psychological component involved as well as an overt role of leadership. I find it is the most overlooked position and it is the most demanding one to play and teach. It requires supreme athleticism, detailed focus, anticipation and instinct, lighting reflexes, and big-picture understanding (i.e. systems thinking).

These two areas of the game are akin to playing chess in that there are moves and countermoves, strategies, tactics, baits and traps! I teach clients (along with their parents and coaches) how to play chess, rather than checkers. I love being able to teach science and philosophy without anyone realizing or feeling like they are in a classroom. But, I really get a kick out of seeing young minds begin to visualize and understand the game at a deep kinetic level (dimension) and to be able to play it with anticipation (integration) and passion!! (Look forward to working with you and your daughter soon!) ;- )

- Coach Bill

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Client Reviews

We cannot say enough great things about Coach Bill. He is simply exceptional. Our daughter is very shy, and she has been excited for each and every lesson. Bill takes the time to teach and explain each drill. She has improved so much since her first lesson. Bill ensures that our daughter understands each lesson completely. Allowing plenty of time for explanations and any questions she may have. He truly does care about the growth of his players reaching their true potential.

Our first session with Coach Bill was fantastic. He has great, positive energy, and is extremely knowledgeable. He put my daughter at ease , and provided her with a wealth of information. His positive coaching style is commendable and we look forward to the next session!

coach Bill was awesome after one session my daughter was really comfortable with him. took time to talk with her before going into session to see what she wanted.

Was knowledgeable and patient and offered some useful tools

We are having a very positive experience so far with Coach Bill for softball hitting lessons. He makes the most of his time with the player and keeps the lesson very engaging. True learning requires the student to make his or her own discoveries; Bill goes beyond telling the player what to do and is supporting my daughter through the process of truly learning how to be a better hitter.

Lots of info thank you.

She came home eat and went out back to work. Was excited to show my mom what she learned.

Coach Bill exceed all of our expectations! He is obviously extremely knowledgeable, but that was just the start. He is witty and motivating and gives feedback in a very productive way. We really believe that he will have a great impact on our daughter's playing abilities! Thank you Coach Bill!

He was very enthusiastic,fun. My daughter really enjoyed her session. She can’t wait for the next one

Bill was great. He quickly got my daughter to improve her swing with a few minor adjustments. I really liked his saying "there is room for you in this". That philosophy makes sense that not everyone is exactly the same, but the fundamentals are.

Coach Bill was very helpful for "catcher skills" - broke it all down and went through all the basics first. He's got a great personality. My daughter really liked him/the session. We are looking forward to more.

Our first session was amazing. Coach Bill welcomed my daughter as if he has known her for ever. It was great watching the 1 on 1 instruction and seeing improvement after just one session. You can tell Coach Bill is very passionate about the sport of softball and he gives 110% the entire session. I can’t wait to book out next session. I recommend Coach Bill to anyone wanting to better their skills from hitting to catching and anything in between.

Coach Bill is outstanding! There is no doubt that he will bring Renee to the next level!

Coach Bill has a true gift of breaking down mechanics and more importantly explaining in depth the little details that will improve my game. Looking forward to my next lesson

(no details provided)

Very professional and knowledgeable

Coach Bill was exactly what we expected! He breaks hitting down in the first session into a basic understanding of how much your body mechanics matter. He instantly recognized my daughter’s flaws and has nothing but positive criticism. His energy is thru the roof which really allows him to hold my daughter’s attention! Can’t wait to really progress thru his training program!

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

1st session for my 15yr old daughter was excellent !!!!! She will be seeing bill regularly !!!!

Coach Bill has been wonderful so far! He breaks down swing mechanics differently than other coaches and after just a few lessons, my daughter feels that she is hitting the ball harder with less effort. She is gaining confidence at the plate and in the game. Can’t wait to see how she continues to progress!

(no details provided)

Before the session he was extremely helpful and flexible with scheduling. Once there he was friendly and connected well with our daughter. Knowledgeable and did a great job finding multiple ways to explain each part of the lesson to ensure the message was getting through. Showed techniques and tips I had not thought to work on and that was exactly what we were hoping for. Could not be happier with coach Bill and will be seeing him again soon.

(no details provided)

Coach Bill was excellent. He did something that most coaches would find difficult. He was able to transition from a 12 and under group of players who are learning to game to a 16 and under tournament team. He was able to adjust his plans and approach within minutes. He also stayed past his session to talk one-on-one with a few players. In addition, the feedback from players and parents was positive. We definitely look forward t working with Coach Bill in the near future.

(no details provided)

We decided to go to Coach Bill because as a father I dont think my daughter is getting everything she needed with another coach she was seeing. In 20 minutes with Coach Bill, my daughter had been more successful than 15+ sessions with other coaches. I highly recommend him and plan to see him more and more to help my daughter develop!

Coach Bill is an excellent coach.
He has a great energy that my daughter really responds to. He has worked with her to break down the swing and changes into small movements to help her to make adjustments to a lot of years of muscle memory to increase consistency and power

Great first lessons tonight with Coach Bill! Both of my 12U daughters are working on slap hitting, and Bill is definitely an expert, and has so much to offer. The girls learned a lot, as did I. Looking forward to working with Coach Bill through the winter and beyond heading into the spring season!

My daughters had their first session with Coach Bill. The really like him and already learned some new techniques. They are looking forward to the next session.

(no details provided)

Great lesson

(no details provided)

Coach Bill is awesome. He brings his vast knowledge of biomechanics and positive psychology, along with a great repertoire of drills, to help hitters refine their mechanics. My daughter has worked with him individually, and her team has also worked with him - all have definitely benifitted from his coaching!

Terrific trial lesson! We are very happy to sign up for more instruction now. Coach Bill, love your enthusiasm, understanding of the sport, and easy connection with my high school aged daughter.

I really appreciate the focus on long term w specific action plans over the short term to hit that long term goal.

Practically, I love the focus on situational awareness.

Coach Bill was great. I learned a lot in just one session and I’m ready to sign up for more sessions to work on my game.

Today my 10-year old daughter had her first lesson with Coach Bill. She is shy by nature and was not very talkative. Sensing this, Coach Bill sat down and talked with her until she became more comfortable. He even had her smiling and laughing by the end of her lesson. As parents, this spoke volumes to us.

During the lesson, Coach Bill broke down fielding and hitting concepts that were easy for our daughter to understand. He also made sure that we, the parents, understood the concepts so we can work with her at home.

Once the lesson was over, my daughter said she had fun and did not hesitate to say yes to another lesson.
Overall, we had a great first experience with Coach Bill and would recommend him to other softball players looking to improve their skills. Our daughter is excited for her lesson next week!

I would highly recommend Coach Bill to anyone who is looking for a catching or hitting coach! My daughter has been working with him since she was 10 and is now 15. He is also her favorite coach. He has a fantastic hitting technique and is an amazing catching instructor. He also has an awesome personality, is a positive influence and is an amazing role model! My daughter would not want to go to anyone else.

(no details provided)

My daughter really enjoyed her 1st session with coach Bill. I like his approach to the concept of hitting. He approaches it in a unique way. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for help with their at bats.

Coach Bill has worked with my daughter for 3 years. He took a young pitcher who hit 7-9 in the travel team lineup who had the highest number of walks on the team to a #4 lineup hitter who is now a power hitter. His strong psychology background took a batter with a pitchers additude as a pitch selection hitter to a free swinging power hitter who wants to hit the stuffing out of the ball and does not want to walk. In Fall 2017 16O travel ball (four tournaments) she hit 459 with only one strikeout and no walks. He is now working on situational awareness and methods to get the pitcher to throw the pitch that she wants. Great Coach, Great person who commands my daughters total and complete attention. She would now rather hit than pitch.

Coach Bill is awesome! My daughter has been training with him for almost 4 years now and still going strong. Not only does Bill perfect the fundamentals, he also knows how to train the athlete’s mind as well. Having a college level coach want train young players is a great find. He knows how to build an athlete.

Coach Bill was very welcoming and friendly throughout my whole lesson. He was very helpful and explained the "why" behind the changes he made to my swing. He was open to questions and listened to me throughout the whole process. I could already tell how much better my swing was at the end of the lesson. I will definitely go again!

Coach Bill is amazing he has worked with my 13 year old daughter for a couple years now. She has became a complete hitter from the right side of the plate and he has even started to train her to slap hit. I have had several hitting coaches over the years and he has by far got the most out of my daughter. I would recommend him to any one who is looking to improve there skills.

2 years ago we were at the indoor batting cages, this guy came up fixed my daughters arms & told her what she needed to work on. We were very impressed within 10 minutes! We got his card, packed up & headed home. We went to get the card so we could schedule a few lessons & couldn’t find it anywhere. Well 2 yrs later our paths are crossing again!! As soon as coach bill got out of his car my husband said omg it’s that guy from the cages!! Right off the bat he knew exactly what he needed to work on with our daughter. In just a short 45 minutes she grew confidence & was hitting!! We immediately scheduled another session for later this week. I can only imagine what kind of hitter she would be today if we didn’t lose that card!! If your looking for an instructor that will produce Coach Bill is your guy!!

(no details provided)

My 11 year old daughter had her first lesson with Coach Bill and she is 100% hooked. I've taken her other places for lessons but always leave feeling like my daughter was taught a few new drills but didn't leave any closer to becoming a better hitter. Coach Bill not only made her think about the mechanics of hitting the ball but also about being a "hitter" and the what kind of hitter she wants to be. Coach Bill is a tremendous teacher, he provides an incredibly technical explanation about both the how and why of hitting mechanics and presents it in a way that is entertaining/engaging and fun for young athletes. Looking forward to our next lesson.

Coach Bill was awesome for the first second we met him, Katie loves the sport and I think couch bill will be the right person to get her to the next level! Can't wait to the next session, thanks coach

Our daughter had her first lesson with Coach Bill today. It didn't take long before I could tell we made the right coaching decision. He asked her what her goals were and what she wanted to accomplish and set a very good rapport immediately. His methods go beyond simple instruction and tweaking like most coaches out there. He helped her understand there is so much more to strong batting than just mechanics. Optimal hitting combines science, math, biology and psychology...all of which he explained in a way that kept her engaged. She's thrilled to go back again and can't wait to get to work on the drills he gave us. Although there was a lot of information to digest, the overall mood of the lesson was fun and enjoyable! There's no doubt in our minds this will be a permanent addition to our weekly schedule. His knowledge, personality and coaching approach are well worth every penny and the hour drive!!

Our 13yo daughter had her first session with Bill yesterday. After trying a few other coaches that jumped from one gimic to another to try to help her improve it was clear from the start that Bill has a deep understanding of the swing and a very fun and enjoyable way to teach it and not only transfer knowledge of the mechanics but also of the reasons and theory - which over time will help my daughter self check and continue to improve. We are going to work on getting more sessions soon!

we went to the batting cages last night after her session with coach Bill and I have to say I see a difference in her mechanics already, but most of all I see her confidence building with each swing of the bat! She is showing enthusiasm that I've never seen before and as a Coach and parent its exciting to see! We will keep coming back!!

My daughters experience was great! Within moments of meeting Bill my daughter was comfortable, laughing , and learning. He is an excellent teacher!!! Thanks Bill!

Took my daughter to her first lesson with Coach Bill. He tailored the lesson based on the type of hitter my daughter wanted to be. He was very knowledgeable and made minor adjustments to my daughters stance, her feet and hands. He kept the mood in the cage light, but also gave an incredible amount of information so that my daughter can succeed at the plate. My daughter can't wait to go back for the next lesson.

Coach Bill is great!! His knowledge of hitting mechanics and softball is amazing. My daughter learned so much in a one hour session (so did I). Coach Bill also has a wonderful demeanor and positive attitude that made my daughter very comfortable, focused, and engaged for the entire session. To sum it up, we got in the car to go home and she said "that was awesome, when are we coming back". I would highly recommend Coach Bill to anyone.

OK so this is a straight up review no sugarcoating nothing but straight reality. Now this is really my first year as a travel parent for my 13-year-old daughter on her 14u team. She played other levels of Softball select in-house rec ball. It wasn't because she couldn't make any of the teams, it as because she did other sports swimming and basketball. I just want to have you get a feel of where I'm coming from when I write a review. Now my daughter has had numerous of coaches showing her all kinds of ways to do that to do this (turn your hips) (throw your hands etc). Now this brings me back to our first year travel . We have a hitting instructor for the team which by no means is not a good guy or does not know what he's doing. He does! The concern I have is what he knows and how he's relating that to the student. That's the key!!!! Finding a coach/hitting instructor that teaches the correct mechanics and can relay them so that the student is able to acknowledge what he's trying to teach and the sole purpose of what he wants his student to accomplish. So in regards to coach Bill he is perfect he is so patient - I'm keeping it real!!!! The first thing my daughter said when she met with him for the first time was that he is awesome he shows me and he makes me understand what it is I got to do and do it!! I'm telling you give it a try your daughter will not only become a better hitter but I think he will also make her a relaxed and smarter player. Nothing but honesty I drive about 50 minutes one-way and 50 minutes back when I have tons of other coaches in my area. I'm so glad I found him!! DO NOT let this opportunity pass your daughter bye. She will thank you forever. Good luck !!!!

I am very impressed by coach Bill! My 10yr old daughter said she had learned a lot after her first lesson with Bill. Bill is patient, humorous and enthusiastic. The lesson is well prepared and I will book more! I highly recommend coach Bill.

My 12 year old daughter has attended her 1st session with Coach Bill and she is already asking how soon her next session will be and how often can she attend. Coach Bill was fully prepared and it was evident that his knowledge is vast. His energy and excitement is non stop and it helps to keep my daughter engaged but at the same time, loose and absorbing.

(no details provided)

Coach Bill is probably the smartest softball coaches I have met to date. He was excellent with my daughter and put her anxiety at ease immediately with his communication ability. After just one session she's already throwing the ball better and realizes where she needs improvement with her mechanics. I will continue to use Bill as her trainer even though it's the better part of an hour drive for us. He is that good.

Our daughter is a Junior in High School and wants to play in college. We decided to try a hitting coach and found Coach Bill. My daughter wasn't sold on going to a hitting coach, but once she did she loved it. Coach Bill is not only knowledgeable, but he is a people person! I highly recommend Coach Bill!

I’m very impressed with Coach Bill. My 10 year old learned as much or more about catching in one session with Bill than she did all season. His ability to connect with and relate to her on her level is a talent few coaches possess. He made sure she understood the technique and mechanics of hitting by asking her questions and leading her to the answers and knowledge by those questions. He made it fun, educational, and most importantly improved her confidence. I highly recommend Coach Bill.

Coach Bill is a fantastic coach. We found him to be very patient, well spoken and knowledgeable. I would recommend him for all ages, skill levels and genders. I am very confident that I will have the improvement that I was looking for.
Very grateful to have found him via CoachUp.

My daughter has had one session so far with Coach Bill and she has learned so much! She can't wait to take to the field and use what she has learned!

I scheduled a session with Coach Bill for my 13 year old daughter to improve her skills as a new catcher for tournament ball. In just one session she learned a great amount about the fundamentals of the position as well as the "mental" component of being a catcher. His style of teaching is very effective. My daughter listened attentively and eagerly tried every skill she was shown. She felt very comfortable in answering his questions and even offered her own without hesitation. It was great to see her smiling and also laughing at times. It was also amazing to see the progress she has made just from one session.
I would highly recommend Coach Bill for softball to improve your physical and mental skills as well as your motivation!!

I would recommend coach Bill to anyone! I scheduled a session with him for my 9 year old daughter and she can't wait for the next session! He has a great approach to teaching and his knowledge of the game second to none. My daughter was fully attentive for the whole session as he made it fun for her.

(no details provided)

I took my 10 year old daughter Jessica to have a lesson with Coach Bill this past Sunday, and the experience was 100% EXCELLENT. Coach Bill's knowledge of the game, and the physics that go along with it are second to none. Jessica was fully engaged for the entire lesson, and I learned quite a few things as well. I would definitely recommend Coach Bill to anyone who is serious about improving their game, both mechanically and mentally.

Coach Bill is fantastic. He is knows gravel and knows how to teach volumes in a short time while still keeping it fun and light.

Bill currently serves as an assistant coach for Widener University's softball team. Outside of the softball world, Bill is a renowned motivational speaker and life coach, as he currently serves as a consultant, speaker, and head coach for The 415 Group, LLC. Bill brings unique qualities to the position beyond his hitting and catching expertise," stated Academy GM Rob Itri. "He is a great communicator who has an uncanny ability to get the absolute most out of players. Aside from the physical mechanics, Bill institutes a sound mental approach and self confidence in every player he works with. A 2008 Widener graduate, Bill is currently pursuing his PhD in Industrial-Organizational Psychology. He is a member of the National Fastpitch Coaching Association, Positive Coaching Alliance, and is a Level IV ASA Certified Softball Coach/Instructor.
My daughter started working with Coach Bill at the age of 13. He made an immediate impact on her play and hitting. She has become the starting catcher on her tournament team and a sought after college recruit but most importantly, she says, 'I feel so much better as a player and as a person after I see him!'
My daughter started seeing Bill in the Fall of 2013, (age 10) simply to take softball lessons because she truly wanted to learn to be a catcher. Little did we know then, not only was this a really lucky thing to happen in her softball development, but also in her OVERALL psychological development. She has confidence and she has fun. She looks to him as a mentor and role model. (Her words). I believe it's because he has this combination of super charged positive energy, humor and a uncanny ability to read people and get the best out of his students. She is almost 13 and still taking lessons.
'Coach Bill has the uncanny knack for connecting with players in a way that is skill-based and user friendly. His enthusiasm and love for the game are evident and allows him to immediately connect with players and their families.
My daughter started in travel softball hitting right handed and shortly thereafter was switched by her coaches to a left-handed slapper due to her speed. With little to no one-on-one instruction by her coaches, and her confidence diminishing, we had to seek a hitting instructor. Several instructors later we found Billie. After her first lesson it was quite clear that his approach to hitting is by far above the rest. Billie’s approach to hitting is first learning the proper mechanics of a swing and identifying how the batter needs to think and adapt for a successful hit. It’s difficult to find a great TEACHER, and with instruction from Billie, you will see what potential lies deep within your child to make her the best player she can be. He exudes such energy, passion, knowledge and enthusiasm for the game, and beyond, and has been a true mentor for both our daughter and us. Billie has been blessed with a gift for connecting with not only the athlete, but people in general. G. Solge and H. Solge, 8thGrade Student and Travel Player, Wilmington, DE
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