Hall of Famer

Alyssa W.

All-time record goal scorer for NCAA soccer team and current player in the Women's USL. Former high school girls soccer coach.





My Credentials


Pfeiffer University (NC)

Coaching Experience

4 years

CoachUp Accreditations

Qualified_coach_badge Qualified Private Coach
Coach_course_badge Passed Coach Course

My Coaching


Kids, Teenagers


Midfielder, Goalie, Forward, Defender


Two-touch, Sprinting, Reflexes, Receiving, Penalty kicks, Pace, One-touch, One on ones, Headers, Goal kicks, Give and go, Free kicks, Field awareness, Corner kicks, Bending, Ballwork, Balance, Agility, Crossing, First touch, Shooting, Passing, Dribbling

My Details

Group Sessions

Yes; up to 4 athletes


My training location only

Session Duration

60 minutes

Facility Costs

Not Included

More About Me

My experience coaching comes from a range of age groups. I have been the head coach for a middle school coed team as well as the head coach for a girls high school team. I also have coached camps in the Virginia Beach area as well as working clinics in Michigan. Currently I work with the youth age travel girls.

I am a very technical player so my sessions are based on the improvement of the technical ability of players; including but not limited to first touch, dribbling, moves, shooting, and passing.

Currently I am a player for a Women's USL team and this is my second year playing with the team. I recently graduated from Pfeiffer University where I played four years of soccer and three years of lacrosse. During my time there helped my team win two Conference Carolinas Championships as well as take the team to two NCAA appearances. I also earned a multitude of accolades as seen below:

1st Team All-Conference – 2009, 2010, 2011
2nd Team All-Conference – 2008
Daktronics All-Region – 2009, 2011
1st Team All-State – 2009, 2010, 2011
Nominated for Freshmen of the Year – 2008
All Time School Record for Career Goals
All Time School Record for Career Points
Conference Carolinas Conference Champions – 2008, 2010

The first half of the session is focused on technical training and getting as many touches on a ball as possible. The second half of training is geared specifically to what the client wants to focus on whether it is shooting, crossing, dribbling, etc.

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Client Review Soccer

Alyssa was great! We showed up to our first practice and Alyssa had over 15 balls scattered all over the ground, and cones set up for drills. She was ready to role and no time was wasted! She worked hard with my son teaching him new techniques, and is very encouraging. He said mom, she definitely knows her stuff!!! He really liked working with her and he can't wait until practice #2.
Thanks Alyssa:)

Client Review Soccer

Our son recently had his first session, and he was hesitant about getting additional training; Alyssa was very understanding and able to explain to him that additional help is not about being an unskilled player, but about building on the skills you already have and learning some new ones to take you to the next level. After his session he was very excited about the corrections Coach Alyssa made to some of the current techniques that he was doing incorrectly and the new "moves" he was taught. During his next game you could really see his confidence in what he was doing was much stronger and we even had a parent say, "what did you feed him today? He's on fire" I strongly recommend Coach Alyssa's she was very understanding and was able to work with our limited schedule, we are definitely going to book more sessions.

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