CoachUp Nation Benefits and Awards

Whether you are a coach, athlete or parent, CoachUp Nation is the place to share your expertise, training skills, videos, philosophy, experience, stories and thoughts. If it is related to coaching, we want to hear it!

Benefits of posting as a Coach on CoachUp Nation: Your depth of knowledge will be distributed and shared across our larger community and our distribution channels. You will earn awards for your content, and if you are a CoachUp Coach, your content will link back to your bookings page, giving you a higher profile, reaching more potential athletes and resulting in increased sessions booked.

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Be sure to check out our Posting Guide and FAQs, and of course reach out with any questions.

Posting Awards: for the number of posts you submit. The more you post, the more awards you will receive.

  1. 1st post:
    Blue Badge
  2. 10 posts:
    Red Badge
  3. 25 posts:
    Bronze Badge
  4. 50 posts:
    Silver Badge
  5. 100 posts:
    Gold Badge
  6. 250 posts:
    Championship Badge

Trophies: based on the number of views your post receives.

  1. 500 views:
    Blue Trophy
  2. 1,000 views:
    Red Trophy
  3. 2,500 views:
    Bronze Trophy
  4. 5,000 views:
    Silver Trophy
  5. 10,000 views:
    Gold Trophy
  6. 25,000 views:
    Championship Trophy

Reactions: based on how readers react to your posts. See what people really think of your submissions!

Contributor Titles: based on how readers react to your posts. See what people really think of your submissions!

  1. Walk On: awarded when you publish your first post.
  2. Head: awarded for 12 Red Trophies.
  3. Pro: awarded for 15 Silver Trophies.
  4. Master: awarded for 12 Gold Trophies.
  5. Hall of Famer: awarded for 5 Championship Trophies.