The college lacrosse recruiting process can be an overwhelming experience. Simply knowing how to begin is a challenge, but here are a few tips to give you some direction and help you impress college lacrosse coaches. 

1) Make a highlight tape

Whether it is your sophomore or junior year, make sure someone is filming all your games. At the beginning of the summer, get all the footage and make a highlight tape. iMovie and Windows Movie Maker are easy, user friendly applications to help you create your own video. There are also video companies like First Scout, which you can hire to make your tape for you. A highlight tape is an important first step in the recruiting process because it allows college lacrosse coaches to get a sense of the type of player you are before they see you at camps or tournaments. The tape should only be a few minutes long, if it drags on coaches may lose interest. Include your GPA and any athletic or academic honors you’ve received on your tape – it’s not all about how good you look on TV.

2) Join a summer club team

This is essential if you want to be recruited for lacrosse. Research what club teams are in your area and find the ones with the best reputation. Most summer teams are try-out based, so figure out when the try-outs are and get to as many as you can. While the premiere club teams are going to give you the best chance at getting recruited, any team is better than nothing. Your club lacrosse coach is a great resource to use as well – he will already have relationships with college coaches, so don’t hesitate to ask for his help. At the very least, being on a club team makes for a fun summer, so join one and get to as many tournaments as possible.

3) Sign up for camps

The amount of recruiting lacrosse camps out there can be daunting, and while you definitely don’t need to go to all of them, you should attend a few. Showcase camps attract a high number of coaches and usually only last a couple days. You can start as early as you want, but going to some good ones as a rising junior and senior is highly recommended. For some help navigating which camps to choose, check out our article Top 7 Lacrosse Recruiting Camps. 

4) Start reaching out to coaches

Once you have your highlight tape made and your summer team and camps figured out, start emailing coaches. Give them your schedule (what camps you’re attending, what team you’re on and what tournaments you’re going to), and attach your highlight tape. Don’t be afraid to email a big group of coaches. The more lines you cast, the better chance something bites. Being proactive is crucial to being recruited.

Use these lacrosse tips  to help get your recruiting process underway, but remember the best asset you have are your academics. With a good transcript and solid test scores, college lacrosse coaches aren’t likely to turn you away. Hit the books and the recruiting process will become more enjoyable than stressful. For more information on the NCAA recruiting rules and regulations, visit

Whether you are a lacrosse coach or an up-and-coming lacrosse player, be sure to check out the rest of our lacrosse articles and coaching resources to reach your full potential.

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