One of the most important skills players of all ages can learn while soccer training is how to make quick decisions while on the field. Players gain a large advantage on the field when keeping their opponents on their toes by constantly making quick decisions how to move the ball. Swift movements prevent opponents from planning a successful counterattack. As younger players begin to pick up the rhythm of the game they develop the ability to foresee what they will do with the ball before it is even in their possession.

Youth soccer training often includes a very simple but extremely effective soccer drill called give-and-go, which hones their skills for quick decisions and rapid ball movement. In this drill players pass the ball to a teammate then move to another place on the field to receive it back. This skill can be seen in games from youth soccer up to the professional leagues where players use speed to gain and maintain their advantage on the field. Players who dribble up and down the field give their opponents time to catch up, thus having more opportunity to lose the ball. Coaches should incorporate the benefits of quick thinking and movements into soccer training and practices.

Quick decisions also benefit players when they are on the defensive side. By quickly analyzing and implementing defensive strategies teams can do a better job protecting their goal from opposing players. Setting up games on a smaller field during soccer training allows coaches to train their players how to make quick decisions on both the attack and defensive fronts.

Learning to make quick decisions while playing soccer gives the athlete a greater advantage than the players who cannot. It is important to teach players during the beginning of their soccer training that making quick passes will not only make them faster on the field but be also more effective. This lesson is reinforced for many players when they try to dribble or wait too long to make a decision and end up losing the ball to the other team.

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