Most athletes train extremely hard doing sports specific drills. One thing that is forgotten is to train habits of proper nutrition. No two people are alike in this category, that's why it is very important as an athletic to pay close attention how certain foods make you feel and perform. Monitor your energy levels from certain foods before and after practice. In order to perform at your highest level possible, your body must have best fuel possible.

Pregame meals for me has usually been 1/3 protein and 2/3 carbohydrates. I have noticed that this gives me the maximum amount of energy needed to perform at my highest level. I usually eat a meal such as steak and potatoes 4 hours before the game/performance. The closer I get to the performance, the less amount of portion I eat.

Proper hydration and a good nights sleep should also be equated into the process of preparation. These things can directly affect your focus and stamina. Never train excessively without taking in a lot of water, even if you are not feeling thirsty. At all cost avoid performance enhancement supplements! The side effects to using them are very unhealthy to athletics. Also limit fat, sodium, and sugar intake. When I get a craving for sugar, I always get some fresh fruits and it always does the job.