In most places in the United States, soccer is only played seasonally. The harsh winter months make it impossible for soccer players to get outside on the field. It is important for youth soccer players’development to continue practicing their foot skills in the winter. Here are a few ways youth soccer players can practice these valuable skills indoors.


Juggling is a valuable skill for youth soccer players . It helps develop a soft touch as well as build muscle memory for important movements used in soccer games . Start by juggling with your strong foot, then both, and then just your weak foot. With practice, the difference between your strong and weak foot will be minimal.

Wall Ball

Find a gymnasium nearby and practice playing the ball off the wall. Play the ball off the wall, control it with a touch, and play it off the wall again. It helps if you have a partner to play the ball off the wall to you so you can simulate receiving the ball from another teammate. You can make it into a competition with your friend by playing the ball off the wall to them. They should try to juggle it and play it back off the wall towards you. The first person to let the ball hit the ground loses.

Soccer Tennis

A favorite game among soccer players before training is soccer tennis. This game is also easy to play indoors. Simply grab a few chairs to serve as the net, and mark off a rectangular court to play on. You can either play 1v1 or 2v2 depending on how many friends you have with you. The objective of the game is to score on the other team without letting the ball bounce twice on your side of the court. You can use any part of your body aside from your hands to try to score on the other team. This is a great exercise because it combines juggling with playing with a teammate.

It is important to continue your soccer training during the winter months. It is remarkable how much a little work with the ball can improve your foot skills. Once you are able to get out on the soccer field again, your new skills will greatly improve your overall game. For other great tips and resources to improve your game, check out the rest of our soccer articles and coaching resources.


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