Be the Best Point Guard You Can Be

Elite point guards in basketball are known for their skill, athleticism, and talent handling the ball. They are also responsible for controlling the floor, play calling, finding their teammates, and giving assists.
Being a point guard is a huge responsibility, but it can be very rewarding. If you want to become the best point guard you can be, these basketball tips can bring you success.

1. Practice your ball handling

You have to read the other team’s defense, avoid traps, and get to your half-court before the eight-second limit. The key, therefore, is to practice your dribbling skills. You need to be able to dribble effectively with both hands without even looking at the ball. A low dribble is better since it can prevent taller opponents from reaching in and stealing the ball. However, a high dribble is also needed during fast breaks. You need to be aware of your opponents’ positions on the floor. For instance, if your guard is bringing you to your left, there is a huge chance that he and another teammate are luring you into a corner trap. Thus, as you dribble you need to keep your head up and always be aware of the opponent’s defense. One tip is don’t pick up the ball if there is no clear pass or shot. Picking the ball up prematurely always leads to turnovers or bad plays.

2. Strengthen your mental tenacity

the point guard is the most pressured player on the court. He is entrusted with handling the ball and calling the plays, and is still expected to make defensive stops. If you are easily distracted or have the tendency to panic when in a tight situation, you need to improve your mental toughness. This is possible by learning to be patient with everything you do. This will help develop your mental character that will come out naturally when in tight situations in a game.

3. Know your teammates’ game

Your teammates rely on you when you call a play. There are times when the play cannot be set up because of the opposing team’s defense. In such situations, you need to know your teammates’ game so that you can improvise a play and make that critical pass.

4. Avoid being a showoff

Being that the ball is almost always in their hand, point guards have the tendency to be showoffs, by overdribbling, doing exhibition dribbles, or making fancy passes. These may be spectacular and wow the crowd, but don’t necessarily help win the game.

5. Listen to your basketball

Finally, you need to develop the ability to pay attention to your coach. The coach is your team’s assigned leader and think-tank. They see the floor better since they aren’t distracted by the physicality of the game. Follow the plays they designed, and you and your team will have a big chance of winning. Your coach may be forced to bench you if you fail to listen and follow instructions.

Again, the point guard is a tough position to handle, but if you commit to these five simple steps, you can be the best point guard you can be. Also, if you commit to private coaching you will improve much faster as a point guard.

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