Stephan D., Vacaville, CA Dance Coach
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Stephan D.

Dancing Ballroom for over 15 years, and teaching for most of that time, with just under ten years of competitive experience

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    Vacaville, CA
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More about me

I have been dancing Ballroom for over 15 years, and teaching for most of that time, with just under ten years of competitive experience. I have competed and am qualified to teach any partner dance in Rythm, Smooth, Latin, or Standard categories.

I am happy to work with beginners who are just looking to go out dancing with their friends without being embarassed, or experienced dancers looking for new choreography or an experienced eye to shore up their technique. If you have a partner already that is fantastic, if not, I can certainly work with you individually, and perhaps find you a partner to work with if that becomes necessary.

Depending on your goals and experience level, each session will focus on skills and techniques needed to dance, as well as patterns and strategies for how to use them. Really the whole point is to learn to enjoy dancing, and to have fun while you're learning as well.

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