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Single Session
In-Person Training for a single athlete

1 60-minute session package with Coach Mekdem.

Session Length: 1 hour

$50 1 session + applicable fees

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Sibling Package
In-Person Training for up to 2 athletes

1 session for two siblings with Coach Mekdem ($30/athlete).

Session Length: 1 hour

$60 1 session + applicable fees

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In-Game Evaluation + 3 Training Sessions
In-Person Training for a single athlete

If a player commits to at least 3 sessions with me, I will also come observe that player in a live game to evaluate, provide feedback, and better tailor our sessions to their needs.

Session Length: 1 hour

$150 3 sessions ($50/ea) + applicable fees

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  • California Polytechnic State University--San Luis Obispo (CA)

  • 4 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Midfield, Forward, Defense

  • Shooting, Penalty Kicks, Passing, One-on-Ones, One-Touch, Heading, Goal Kicks, Free Kicks, First Touch, Dribbling, Crossing, Corner Kicks, Agility


  • California Polytechnic State University--San Luis Obispo (CA)

  • 4 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Midfield, Forward, Defense

  • Shooting, Penalty Kicks, Passing, One-on-Ones, One-Touch, Heading, Goal Kicks, Free Kicks, First Touch, Dribbling, Crossing, Corner Kicks, Agility

More About Coach Mekdem

I'm an E-licensed coach with the U.S. Soccer Federation, and have been coaching consistently since 2017. I've coached boys and girls, primarily ages 9-20. In addition to private sessions, I was Boys Head Soccer Coach at Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. High School for 3 seasons and at the Sacramento Waldorf School for 1 season.

I started playing soccer at the age of 6 in 1999. I've gone through prestigious youth programs such as the Olympic Development Program and a U.S.S.F Development Academy. While in college, I also played 2 seasons with the Cal Poly Men’s Soccer Club, consistently one of the top Collegiate Clubs in the Country.

As a coach, my goal is to meet each player where they are in their development and guide them as far as they want to go on the road towards becoming a complete, elite, performance athlete - that means physically fit, technically skilled, tactically smart, mentally strong, confident, and with a passion and love for the game. I seek to ​create a safe and fun environment in which to nurture these traits.

Each session will be designed based first and foremost on the player’s own goals.

The first session will be focused on getting to know each other and assessing the player’s strengths and weaknesses. This way, we can tailor each following session to the player's individual needs and focus on developing any weak areas, while still bolstering their strengths.

With 1-on-1 training, I believe targeted technical training is the most effective use of the time. However, my hope is that every player will leave each session having improved in some way, whether technically, tactically, physically, or mentally, and proud of their progress and of the work they put in.

I will regularly introduce new, engaging exercises to keep the sessions exciting and focused, and get the most out of every hour.

I’m very open to feedback, so I ask that players and parents please tell me what works best for them in our sessions and I’ll do my best to adjust.

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Client Reviews

Coach Mekdem has a great repertoire of exercises and drills to improve ball control, agility, passes, and technique. Ge also gives excellent feedback and keeps the training dynamic. He is helping me to improve in all the areas I need to achieve my soccer goals.

Sam enjoyed working with Mekdem!

Coach Mekdem has made such a difference in my daughter's game. We have regularly been booking sessions with Coach Mekdem and will definitely be continuing. He has not only helped her in developing and improving her skills but also has focused on how to be strategic during games. Coach Mekdem really understands the game and has provided very insightful and helpful feedback when he came to watch my daughter during one of her games. He is very responsive to messages and questions. Couldn't be happier to find such an excellent coach!

Coach Mekdem had been a great fit for us! He is patient and kind and is an excellent communicator. His drills are effective in addressing areas needing improvement. The after session feedback he provides is incredibly helpful!

My son has had a great experience with coach Wright. He shows my son drills that are specific to what he needs to improve. He is very communicative always gets back to you.

It was a great initial session tailored to my son and we can’t wait for the follow up.

My 11yr old son has worked with Mekdem for several sessions and I already see an improvement in his skills and confidence. Mekdem has a very calm demeanor and has made training something my son looks forward to every week.

Great training

Coach Mekdem has a calm and friendly demeanor. Our son has enjoyed working with him and is showing progress on footwork within two session. Coach Mekdem is very patient and understanding and treats our son with kindness and empathy while continuing to challenge him.

We have had a couple of sessions with Coach Mekdem and he has been great to work with in the development of our 8 year old. He really listens to the player and will modify the session plans accordingly to ensure personal development.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Awesome trainer looking forward to more sessions.

Coach Mekdem has been great. We originally signed up for one session but my 16-year-old grandson wanted to continue, so we signed up for 3 additional sessions! We wanted the coach to work on foot skills, the mental aspect of the game as well as to try and prepare him to be more competitive for college ball if possible. So far he has completed 2 sessions and looks forward to the remaining ones. It's great having the 1 on 1 training so my grandson gets the total attention and the ability to apply what he has learned. Thanks again for great opportunity.

Just had our first session yesterday and my son is VERY happy. He feels like he will improve at a much faster rate than he has been and is really looking forward to more sessions with Mekdem.

Thanks, Mekdem!

I really found this session useful! I am an 18 year old and was unsure how it would go, but I must say Coach Mekdem really made me work. He has very good drills and after this first session I feel one small step closer to my goal. I would definitely recommend him to any level of player.

Coach Mekdem was absolutely astounding! My daughter had no prior experience playing soccer but Coach Mek was very patient with her and he even took the time at the end of their session to play a completely rigged game that she made up on the spot lol

His kindness did not go unnoticed and I will definitely rebook sessions with him in the future as she advances on her journey learning soccer ☺️

My son has a great first session with Mekdem! We look forward to continuing to work with him.

Coach Mekdem is awesome. He is detail oriented and lays out clear goals for the next session and what my child needs to work on to be a complete dynamic player.

Coach Mekdem was so patient with my son even though he had to repeat himself multiple times due to the fact that my son has ADHD, I would definitely recommend Mekdem.

My daughter had a great first coaching session with Coach Mekdem! Before we started the session, he made sure to understand what "weaknesses" she needed to work. My daughter said the drills were great and is looking forward to continuing training Coach Mekdem.

Coach Mekdem was a awesome coach. My son was hesitant at first on having a private coach but after the session he wants to continue training with him. He really enjoyed the training and learned a lot. Great communication also.

Coach Mekdem is a great coach his ability to look for weaknesses and then tailor the session around strengthening weaknesses is excellent. Coach Mekdem engages in the training and listens to the player. Id recommend Coach Mekdem to any player who wants to hone their skills with a coach who genuinely wants his students to reach their goals.

Coach Mekdem I think he was thorough and provided my daughter a great trail session. Very grateful for his flexibility and adaptability to meet us on such short notice.

Thoughtful, helpful, kind. Took the time to evaluate skills and then come up with a program that will lead to real improvements.

Coach Mekdem is easy to work with, always timely and clear communication. We especially like the after-session feedback that give us idea how the player is or is not making progress, what the player should focus on next.

Coach Mekdem was excellent with my son Blake. Very professional and kind, also flexible in scheduling sessions with quick responses. Coach Mekdem was knowledgeable & patient in assessing Blakes strengths & weakness during his 1st session, which we all agreed on. Blake is looking forward on working with Coach Mekdem to strengthen his skills. Would highly recommend Coach Mekdem to Blakes club soccer teammates & others!

Coach Mek is great. He works well with my son and is easy to communicate with. I love how he's out there doing drills with my son and actually teaching and showing him how to do the proper techniques. I will definitely be going back to Coach Mek for additional trainings.

Excellent and knowledgeable! We are very excited for our son to work with Mekdem.

Mekdem coached my 8 yr. old and was great. He knows many different drills and games to keep him engaged. He was very knowledgeable and patient with my son. We are very pleased and would use him again.

Mekdem was great. He had valuable drills and skills to coach my son. He was easy to communicate with and schedule. I would highly recommend him!

Mekdem was amazing! My 12 year old son came home super excited about the training. He enjoyed the the detail instructions and the personal advise and motivation. My son stated "I liked his conversation and how he showed me to use my left foot in certain situations."

Coach Mekdem is great! He's already identified areas my daughter needs to improve and she is amenable to his coaching.

Coach Mek was great!
My son was more interested in other sports before his session, after his session he wouldn’t put the soccer ball down.
Coach Mek was able to connect with him in a way that sparked something in my son.
We’ve already scheduled more training sessions.
Thank you.

Coach Mekdem was great and helped my daughter understand some things better and showed her the things she could work on. My daughter is one who its hard for her to connect with someone she doesn't know at all and she was comfortable and learned from him. I would recommend him if you have one like mine or any kind.

Coach Mek took his time with my son Jesse. We are looking forward to book him closer to the summer. It is good to know there is a great coach that can connect with a 7 year old. Patience and dedication are key. Thanks coach!

My daughter is having a blast with Coach Mekdem. She looks forward to each session and doesn't want her training with Coach Mekdem to end. He gives her the perfect combination of encouragement and suggestions for improvement. He was able to quickly identify areas of improvement and is giving her plenty of drills that she can do on her own to continue to improve. He also gives incredibly detailed feedback which helps her prepare for future sessions. She is excited to use what she has learned in game settings. We highly recommend Coach Mekdem.

Coach Mekdem was great. Lucas was smiling after his session and felt that he learned a lot. He seems to play with a stronger feel and confidence and wants to learn more. Coach Mekdem has a great understanding and teaching style for the player and the game. We whole heartedly recommend him.

He was attentive and understanding.My kids have little experience and where difficult to deal with that particular day.He was very patient .He even spent some time after the session with us .I wish I could hire him as my all the time coach.

Coach Mekdem is very prompt in responding to messages. My son was apprehensive the first session but afterwards said he enjoyed working with Mekdem and that he was really helping him improve. We have been very happy with his training expertise.

Coack Mekdem is an excellent teacher. My eight year old daughter really enjoys training with him. He is patient yet challenges young athletes while keeping them engaged. I highly reccomend Coach Mekdem!

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