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Experienced and enthusiastic soccer coach looking to support the development of young people through engaging practices based on academically supported methodology and pedagogy View all coaching experience

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Session Length: 1 hour

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  • University of Wales Aberystwyth, United Kingdom

  • 12 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Kids, Teenagers

  • Midfield, Goalkeeper, Forward, Defense

  • Agility, Throw-Ins, Shooting, Penalty Kicks, Passing, One-on-Ones, One-Touch, Heading, Goal Kicks, Free Kicks, First Touch, Dribbling, Crossing, Corner Kicks


  • University of Wales Aberystwyth, United Kingdom

  • 12 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Kids, Teenagers

  • Midfield, Goalkeeper, Forward, Defense

  • Agility, Throw-Ins, Shooting, Penalty Kicks, Passing, One-on-Ones, One-Touch, Heading, Goal Kicks, Free Kicks, First Touch, Dribbling, Crossing, Corner Kicks

More About Coach Matt

I have been coaching kids soccer for over 12 years, in the UK and the USA. In my time in the USA I have worked in recreation, competitive(travel) and elite levels of play. These experiences include designing and implementing curriculums for recreation players and coaches, coaching multiple high-level competitive teams in the foundation phases (U6-U10) and coaching elite teams in high-level tournaments as part of the FC Bayern Elite Player Pathway in the US. I currently hold an English FA level 2 coaching qualification and am currently going through the USSF and UEFA processes as part of my ongoing professional development.

My main experiences in soccer in the USA have been supported by working with a former Manchester United Academy Director who has identified and developed talent which has gone on to not only play for Manchester United but a plethora of top-level clubs and represent their countries in World Cups and European Championships. This mentorship has been a crucial part of my development to understand coaching as a holistic process and providing quality experiences for each player. My other major experiences in soccer have been working with West Bromwich Albion and Aston Villa, both Premier League clubs at the time of employment

I am currently in the 2nd trimester of a 3-year Bachelor of Science degree based in England which is titled "Coaching Soccer for Development".This course has made a significant impact on me has accelerated my development as a coach faster than attaining national coaching certificates. Working with coaching academics linked to many Premier League clubs I am experiencing and putting into my delivery elite level understanding in terms of development and pedagogy.

I have been coaching soccer for over 12 years now, starting as a 16-year-old in grassroots soccer programs for the club I had played for, for over 10 years. This sparked a curiosity and passion for thinking about the game in a different way, from a coaching perspective. Over time I acquired experience both in the UK and the USA on the field and administration off of the field, practising my passion, developing my skills and idea on how the game is played but more importantly how it should be taught.

My first major roles within clubs/programs came in 2011 when elected to be chairman of my University's Soccer club, a great honour elected by my peers, to manage the running of 4 teams and close to 100 players with our first team a couple of levels below the Welsh Premier League (EFL League 2 standard). At the same time acquired a role in a residential camp in Pennsylvania, during my summers the following 2 years hired as their director of soccer to build and develop a soccer philosophy and manage their entire program including the tutoring of coaches on the program.

Following my final summer and finishing my first degree in Business and Information Technology, I pursued to coach on a higher level by firstly volunteering and working up to paid positions with West Bromwich Albion and then Aston Villa FC. My roles here were to deliver a club delivered coaching program and developing players that could move into the academy via camps and clinics etc. Meanwhile, I was also hired to be the sports development officer for the Birmingham Communities League to work with the county soccer association to deliver a diverse, multi-ethnic, accessible, soccer league and program which would signpost many at-risk people and mainly new immigrant groups in Birmingham to additional services to ensure a better quality of life using soccer as a vehicle of support.

Upon completing my contract with the Birmingham Communities League I took a role with one of America's leading youth soccer providers to build a grassroots/recreational program for a club in San Jose. Working with the youngest recreational players my job was to implement a club philosophy and practice curriculum to deliver a fun, safe and player-centred environment to build a positive and professional experience in soccer to grow a passion for the game and a desire to improve. interlinked with this role was being a head coach for the new emerging age groups for the club's competitive program at U7, U8 and U9 growing with the players to enhance their experiences and place into age and skill-appropriate groups for optimal success and enjoyment for them. My final role for the club on the field was to be the head coach of their elite teams, coaching at major tournaments and identifying players to go to the FC Bayern (our major affiliate club) residential camps, to work with their academy coaches and select players to experience their academic program in Germany.

In 2020 I moved to Los Angeles to replicate my work in the grassroots/recreational programs for a newly established club in the Glendale area.

I began playing soccer at the age of 3, playing largely at a decent level grassroots/recreational level winning various awards for my individual performances. I then went on and played for my Unviersity for all 3 years of my degree in Wales playing at a good level in inter-collegiate leagues and within local soccer structures.

Below is a summary of my coaching philosophy and practice model.

Coaching Philosophy:

Evolve - “To develop gradually especially from a simple form to a more complex form.”

E - Enjoyment first. To develop a passion for the game and enjoyment from playing the game.
V - Vivacious - Develop with intensity within practices and gameplay. To play the game in an intense, competitive manner.
O - Opportunities to learn - Develop the environment and practices that create realistic, game-like scenarios where learning becomes an innate result of game/practice.
L - Leadership - Develop an environment that encourages independent thought and opportunities to display/grow leadership characteristics with confidence.
V - Variety - Develop an array of delivery methods (guided discovery) to support all learning styles and to aide players learning using a variety of methods to understand key principles
E - Engaging - Develop the environment to be mentally and physically engaging and stimulating for players and coaches in an attempt to drive greater desire and passion for developing each other and the game as a whole.

Practice Model:

Every player attending one of my practice will see/feel:

Organised and Progressive: An organised set up with clear objectives & progressive in its nature from simple to complex with the relevant detail.

Games & Competition: Whether in small groups or individuals will make up the baulk of the work in order to deliver a relevant practice related to the game and not isolated on individual specific aspects.

Intense: Each practice is designed to match the intensity of the game, always relating back to the game in the various movements the game requires.

Decision Centered: Each practice will focus on decision making. A core part of the game is developing an understanding of the game. In having the cognitive cycle at the centre of my session design players are developing their; Perception as the game happens, Cognitive ability to select a technique and tactic to solve the problems the game is providing, Executing said techniques and tactics confidently and consistency finally Reflecting on the success and failure of the previous stages of the actions.

Positive: My personality, in general, is positive, in accepting failure is a part of the game and a huge part of learning, we can define success that is relevant to the individual to positively enforce good actions and work creatively and sensitively to areas of the players game they may need more support.

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Client Reviews

Our son played two years of Recreational soccer and we weren’t sure whether he needed an additional season before being ready for the Competitive program. We were hesitant to make this change at such a young age (6 at the time) but he loves the game and received tremendous support and guidance from Coach Matt. Coach Matt proved to be an excellent Coach, combining an ideal balance of fun, skills and discipline. He nurtured the boys to focus on enjoying the game and to be competitive together as a team. He helped our son develop confidence on the field and a passion for soccer that will last a lifetime. We could not be more pleased with the experience we have had with Coach Matt.
Thank you Coach Matt for your time, support, and many good soccer seasons. Thank you for your words of wisdom for Yakov and for making soccer an enjoyable sport. Yakov had one of the best times during your guidance. He loved soccer practices and playing tournaments. I saw Yakov improve tremendously physically and mentally. Silvia and Victor Garcia
Coach Matt has a unique gift for developing players to reach their full potential. His passion for the game allows him to create an engaging environment at training and games alike. He demands a strong work ethic that rewards itself in pride of play, while his positive attitude supports every player's growth both on and off the field. Matt is an excellent coach and role model!
Coach Matt was my son’s competitive soccer coach for two years (Dec’2016 to Feb’19). My son, Jack, flourished under Coach Matt’s leadership and developed a passion for soccer, while also competing at the highest level as a premier league soccer player. I strongly believe that Coach Matt’s greatest strength is his ability to connect, be relatable, build a genuine relationship and helping children to have confidence in their abilities. Coach Matt’s is greatly missed in Northern California where he was a top coach and an impassioned member of the Almaden soccer club leadership.
Coach Matt was my sons first competitive soccer coach and he was a perfect fit. Matt’s temperament with younger children to help them learn the game is excellent and helped cultivate my son’s love of the sport
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