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I’m a NASM certified personal trainer 100% committed to my clients’ success and to achieve it tailor programs specific to each of my clients. View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
Training Locations
  1. Manhattan, New York, NY

Coach is willing to travel up to 10 miles

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults

  • Nutrition, Cross Training, Conditioning, Aerobic

  • Speed/ Agility, Flexibility, Balance


  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults

  • Nutrition, Cross Training, Conditioning, Aerobic

  • Speed/ Agility, Flexibility, Balance

More About Coach Loretta

I am a NASM Personal trainer and a USATF Track & Field Certified Coach. An athlete myself, I’ve pursued training theory knowledge initially to coach myself but in doing so have gained clients who I coach independently. I have extensive knowledge of running training— how to prepare for everything from sprints or 5ks to marathons and ultramarathons. I train my running clients to run smarter not harder by training specific energy systems and strategically strength training to prevent injury. In addition to training runners I have excellent workouts for other sports players. These workouts build upon functional athletics and can focus on speed, agility, and coordination. For clients who aren’t training for a specific event, we always start with clarifying their goals and the reasons why they want to implement a new routine. I bring a lot of energy to my work and my clients. I remind them of what they want and I safely guide them to it. Though the majority of my clients are adults I have several years experience working with children and teenagers as well. All ages are welcome.

I love athletics. Im a runner and lifter of heavy things. I love to play sports and challenge my body. But I wasn’t always like this, which is why I’m a good coach and trainer. I pursued athletics despite having minimal childhood experience or talent. I became a runner— I’ve trained for hurdles and raced in track events as well as cross country and road races. Ive gained knowledge and experience of Bodybuilding through friends in that world. I also love sports and play soccer regularly. I like to live an active lifestyle. Getting healthy and fit literally changed my life! This is why coaching and training have come so naturally to me. I want to share this experience!

Sessions are always completely unique and dependent on my client, their specific goals, and their current capabilities. What is always true is that we will be taking steps toward your goals in an extremely enjoyable and challenging session! As mentioned, I train a lot of runners whose workouts will be strategically targeting certain energy systems in a balance of quality (event specific training) and quantity (pure mileage). With my athletes whose priority is fitness and being able to ‘be athletic’ in their given sports, workouts are a dynamic mix of speed, agility, and coordination built upon functional movement of the kinetic chain (making sure they don’t have any over or under active muscles which can lead to injury). For clients who simply want to get fit, session plans are based upon functional movement (again, making sure they muscles aren’t over or under active) and then a introduce strength or endurance toward their specific goals

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