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Trial Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

1 week package with The Fitz Karlton. 45 minute session length

Session Length: 45 minutes

$495 3 sessions ($165/ea) + one-time fee

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Light Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

3 months with Coach Karlton. *45 minute sessions *3 assessments: Dexa Scan 3D Fit Body Scan and your choice of the 3rd Assessment.

Session Length: 45 minutes

$3897 24 sessions ($162/ea) + one-time fee

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Standard Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

3 months with Coach Karlton. *45 minute sessions *9 assessments

Session Length: 45 minutes

$5497 36 sessions ($153/ea) + one-time fee

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Elite Package
In-Person Training for a single athlete

4 month package with The Fitz Karlton. *45 minute sessions *9 assessments *Functional Flexibility *3 Grocery Field Trips *2 Kitchen Discoveries

Session Length: 45 minutes

$9997 48 sessions ($208/ea) + one-time fee

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Device to Device Private Fitness Instruction. 1 week

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  • University of Tampa (FL)

  • 30 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Teenagers

  • HIIT, Boot Camp, Bodybuilding, Conditioning, Cross Training, Weight Loss

  • Balance, Core Conditioning, Flexibility, Lower body strength, Trx, Upper Body Strength


  • University of Tampa (FL)

  • 30 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Teenagers

  • HIIT, Boot Camp, Bodybuilding, Conditioning, Cross Training, Weight Loss

  • Balance, Core Conditioning, Flexibility, Lower body strength, Trx, Upper Body Strength

More About Coach Karlton

Now you can join the Fitness Paradigm Shift.
We bring an Illustrious Fitness Experience right to You virtually anywhere in the world. Our methodologies have been endorsed by The United States Special Operations Command and The United States Department of the Navy. Our Award-Winning Chief Fitness Engineer has received a congratulatory appreciation letter from Arnold Schwarzenegger and two Achievement Medals from the Secretary of the Navy. Additionally, he was the 1st Fitness Instructor for special Navy SEALs support and went on to create a 90% success rate for Sailors assigned to the remedial Fitness Enhancement Program.

His competitive experiences include Rugby, Power Lifting, Triathlons, Road Racing (5K, 8K, 10K, ½ and full Marathon), Jiu Jitsu, Body Building, Strong Man Competition, Cycling, Swimming and Diving. A survivor of three major automobile accidents, I consider myself blessed to have been able to train and compete in Georgia, South Carolina, California, Arizona, Utah, Texas, Florida, Bahrain, Qatar, England, Iceland, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Sicily, Turkey and Greece.

We are confident that he can help you crush your fitness goals because he trained America's 1st & Only 20-year Navy veteran with service-connected disabilities to make an historic collegiate track debut by walking onto the University of Tampa Team at age 45!!!

~ Masters Degree in Exercise & Nutrition Science - University of Tampa
~ Bachelors Degree in Sports & Health Sciences, Concentration in Exercise - American Military University,

~ Active Isolated Stretching, Aaron Mattes Method, Sarasota - 2013
~Hammer Strength® Clinic, University of Southern Florida, Tampa - 2011
~Hammer Strength® Clinic, Florida International University, Miami - 2010
~ TRX® Sports Medicine Suspension Training Course, Florida - 2011
~ TRX® Suspension Training Course, Chicago, Illinois - 2008
~ Biomechanics of Resistance Training, Cooper Institute, Dallas, TX - 2005
~ Total Immersion Swim Course, Dallas, TX - 2004
~ Physical Fitness Specialist, Cooper Institute, Dallas, TX - 2001
~ Certification Massage Therapy, Monterey Institute of Touch, CA ~ 1999

4 years - Chief Body Engineer
*Integrate components of movement, fitness, biomechanics, isometrics, isotonics, isokinetics, and massage therapy to create and implement individualized programs that are safe, effective and efficient including flexible sessions from 30 to 60 minutes. Evaluated and enhanced fitness strategies for member of different Special Forces Elements, CEOs and Local Celebrities.

1 year - Lead Trainer and TRX instructor Anytime Fitness Big Bend Dec 2010 – Sep 2011
*Developed exceptional club culture at nation’s fastest growing club for franchise. Welcomed and interacted with over 2,000 guests and members. Performed more than 300 fitness consultations, designed more than 700 personal training programs, and conducted fitness assessments for more than 30 members. Led and developed nine other trainers, assisting them with program design, payroll, policies and operations. Expertly designed and instructed nearly 600 TRX® and boot camp classes for diverse fitness levels.

14 years - Fitness Instructor Jun 1994 – Jul 2008
Fitness Leader U.S. Navy- California, Georgia, Spain, Turkey, Greece, England, Bahrain and South West Asia
*Expertly designed and implemented physical training plans for de-conditioned personnel enrolled in the Fitness Enhancement Program, 90% of enrollees went on to meet or exceed Navy Physical Fitness Standards for their semi-annual assessment. Implemented via one-on-one and small groups ranging from 3 to 25 individuals. Most noted female dropped 7 inches, 13 lbs and 8% body fat in 9 Weeks and male counterpart dropped 3inches and 5% body fat in 4 Weeks.
*Coordinated set-up and other logistics for and conducted physical fitness assessments (PFA) measuring:
Body Composition /Flexibility/Muscular Endurance /Cardio Vascular Endurance for running, walking and swimming
*Presented statistics from assessments to responsible officials and formulated 180-day program for next PFA.
*Lectured internationally on various topics in support of the Navy’s Culture of Fitness Campaign including:
Nutrition/Proper Lifting Technique/Exercise in extreme climates/Glycemic Response of Foods

9 years - Massage Practitioner Jun 1999-Jun 2008
Independent Contractor – Spain; England; Germany; Bahrain; Southwest Asia, Italy and Sicily
*Provided individualized sessions to Olympic and World Class Athletes, Navy SEAL’s and Divers, Wellness Center patrons, CEO’s and amateur athletes.
Integrated Techniques/Modalities included: Sports Massage / Swedish Massage / Polarity / Shiatsu / Reflexology / Dynamic and PNF Stretching
*Assessed minor injuries and prescribed rehabilitative protocol.
*Posted daily ledger entries to accounts and details of transactions and
maintained files for pay purposes.
*Lectured Internationally at Women’s Health Fairs and conducted Massage
Workshops in Bahrain, England, Spain and Turkey.
*International consultant for Spas and Salons in Spain, Southwest Asia,
and the UK.


*Selected by LSR Production as trainer for reality show, Feb 2012

* Selected as one of America’s Top 11 Fitness Professionals, America’s Top Trainers Answer Your Fitness and Nutrition Questions, Regency Publishing Feb 2012

* Presenter for Inaugural Ignite Tampa Bay Event – July 2011
Topic, Psychological and Physiological Benefits of Exercise

* Interviewed by IDEA Fitness Journal for July-August 2011 issue

* Light Heavyweight Body Building Champion - Night of Champions Invitational, Sicily June 2002

Bahrain to Saudi 20,000 Meter Swim
Kingdom of Bahrain April 2008

Bench Press Competition
3rd Place Overall
Kingdom of Bahrain December 2007

27th Annual Bahrain Marathon Relay
Competitor & Team's Fastest Runner
Kingdom of Bahrain November 2007

13 th Annual Bahrain Triathlon
Kingdom of Bahrain November 2007

South West Asia Strong Man Competition
Debut & Top 10 Finisher
Qatar August 2007

Royal Air Force Sprint Triathlon Championships
Royal Air Force Academy Cranwell, England August 2006

Royal Air Force Inter-Station Athletics Championship Qualifier
400 meter 1st in Heat
4x100m Relay 1st in Heat
110m High Hurdles 4th Place Overall
Grantham, England July 2006

Royal Air Force Inter-Station Swim Championships
800m Freestyle - Competitor
200m Freestyle Relay - Competitor
Royal Air Force Academy Cranwell, England April 2006

Royal Air Force Inter-Station Swim Championships
800m Freestyle - Competitor
200m Freestyle - Competitor
200m Freestyle Relay - Competitor
1 Meter Spring Board Diving 3rd Place
Royal Air Force Academy Cranwell, England April 2005

Navy Day Ball 5K
2nd Place 30-39 Age Group
3rd Overall
San Angelo, TX May 2004

Inaugural Big Sur Half Marathon Monterey Bay
Pacific Grove, CA November 2003

Selected Team Injinji® sponsored Triathlete
San Diego, CA November 2002- present

Debut on Spain's Andalucian Sprint Circuit
VII Villa De Rota Triathlon
Spain September 2002

Night of Champions Body Building Invitational
Champion - Light Heavy Weight Division
2nd Overall
Nominated Best Poser
Sicily June 2002

2001 MWR Male Athlete of the Year
Naval Station Rota, Spain January 2002

Fourth of July 5K
1st Place Age Grouper
Naval Station Rota, Spain July 2001

Combined Federal Campaign 24-Hour Relay
Most Miles Run 30-39 Age Group
Naval Station Rota, Spain October 2001

My Debut Event
Mr. & Ms. Naval Support Activity Bahrain Bodybuilding Competition
3rd Place Middle Weight Division
Nominated Best Abs
Kingdom of Bahrain may 2001

Captain's Cup Jiu Jitsu Championships
1st Place Novice
Naval Station Rota, Spain March 2001

Captain's Cup Mini Triathlon
Runner-Up Men's Team
Naval Station Rota, Spain August 2000

Captain's Cup Bench Press Competition
2nd Place Light Weight Division
Naval Station Rota, Spain May 2000

St Patrick's Day 5K
1st Place Age Grouper
Naval Station Rota, Spain March 2000

Dynamic Active Isolated Stretch and Movement Preparation Warm Up
Large Muscles of Upper or Lower Body
Core work
Large Muscles of Lower or Upper Body
Muscles are worked in opposition in a consecutive front to back or left to right sequence to add an aerobic and endurance component to the resistance training session.
Lastly a cool down stretch.

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Client Reviews

Karlton has been nothing but an inspirtation and a motivator in my life the past year. My name is Meghan Fogg (30 years old), and I have been lucky enough to have met the worlds best trainer, but most of all a great friend. Karlton has devoted his time and energy in making sure that I become a healthier person. I have been lucky enough to work 1:1 with him and I have really got to know what a fantastic person he truely exerts. Over this past year, Karlton has not only taught be a lot about fitness and personal health, but he as taught me a lot about myself that I don't think he realizes. Every time I get the opportunity to work with Karlton, he brings out the inner beast in me. He pushes and motivates me in a way I havent done since I younger (back when I played college basketball). Karlton- Thank you for doing what you do and being the person you are today. I am lucky enough to have you in my life not only as a trainer, but as a friend/"brother". You have put a drive in me that has made me realize what I want in life and who I want to become. Thank you again for everything you have done! You are amazing!!!!!!!!!
I had the extreme pleasure of working with Karlton about eight years ago when we were in the military together. He displayed a passion and an attention to detail in helping me develop from a fit runner who could barely do 25 push ups to nearly tripling them in three months. The principles of strength training that he taught me when I was 21 are still with me today at 29. The basics were always introduced first with a focus on form rather than putting up as much weight as I could have allowed me to train completely injury free since then. And I'm sure that in another twenty years I will continue to train with Kalton's plan and systems that he showed me.
Karlton continually betters himself for the betterment of others. He is a model of professionalism and commitment to excellence in the fitness industry. I'm proud to be a colleague of his and have seen his commitment learning and delivering the best fitness information possible.
My name is Adeline, I've had the absolute pleasure in meeting Karlton, and taking part in his TRX classes. He brings the room alive! Even at 5am. He is inspirational, motivating and above all a professional and competent trainer.
Karlton is not only the epitome of health and fitness but also a great human being. His personal training techniques will help you achieve (and exceed) your desired results as well as teach you how to maintain and further pursue improving your health. Karlton will push you to perform but knows your limits. I would highly recommend Karlton to anyone interested in becoming healthier, energetic and excited about being in shape. Thanks for all your help K.
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