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Jordan Wendelken

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I have been rated the #1 coach in the USA on Coachup. I focus on individual body mechanics. View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
  • Baylor University (TX)

  • 13 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Libero, Middle Blocker, Opposite, Outside Hitter, Setter

  • Blocking, Digging, Hitting, Jumping, Serve Receive, Serving, Setting, Spiking


  • Baylor University (TX)

  • 13 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Libero, Middle Blocker, Opposite, Outside Hitter, Setter

  • Blocking, Digging, Hitting, Jumping, Serve Receive, Serving, Setting, Spiking

More About Coach Jordan

Rated top in the nation on CoachUp for Court and Beach Volleyball coaching.

I have played volleyball both court and beach at the college level and semi professional level. I have been coaching for many years in club, middle school, high school, college, and professional. I have owned and operated a beach volleyball club in Texas and California for all age and skill levels. I have trained and communicate with the best players in the world and work with the top professional beach volleyball leagues in the United States. I also am connected with the top college recruiting networks and volleyball clubs.

I specialize in court and beach volleyball Body-Kinesthetic Intelligence (geek for movement and range of motion). Most coaches talk about ball control, what about body control? Body control comes first and you must know what you are capable of before controlling another object. This will also lessen fatigue, increase endurance/power/speed/vertical and lower chance of injury. I have never had a player not succeed at the skill they wish to learn nor have I ever had a player unsatisfied. I provide video playback for trainings upon request and full written reviews.

Are you ready to play the best that you have ever played? Start by knowing what you’re capable of and then achieve it daily!

I start all sessions on the beach due to the difficulties of renting facilities and the added cost (starts at $50 per hour additional). If you would like to train indoor you must book at least 3 sessions and pay for the court fees up front to reserve. I pass this requirement from the facilities on to the customer.
While playing at Baylor University for the Men's Club court team our final year we took 5th in the national tournament beating UCLA. I also started the Men's Beach Club team and went to the national championship 2 years in a row winning the silver bracket both times. Since then I have competed in open tournaments and other levels across the nation. As a coach I have taken a boys highschool team to state for the victory and girls club teams to top tournaments. My most recent achievement was taking a middle school team of players who have never played and making it to the semi finals of our conference to finish 4th. I have coached college, professional, highschool, and middle school all skill levels.

I train all my players the same on beach or indoor unless they require very specific skills.
Based on age and skill level most all players will be examined in every skill set to begin: passing, hitting, serving, setting. I never start teaching a player advanced technique until they first demonstrate base level competency and consistency. Every player can learn the objectives and technique to accomplish the skill at hand in their own way, no player is incapable of achieving their own athletic goals within their abilities.

Every practice starts with a warm up session unless prior activities replace that warm up. We immediately examine a players skill set in the area they request by running simple drills of demonstration. After examination we begin breaking down a players form into basic bodily movement and kinesthetics/range of motion. All of my coaching technique are based on the application of physics and anatomy... you cannot achieve ball control without first implementing body control. I will only work with a player on two skill sets per session. The main skill set is worked on at the beginning and end of the session with a small break to work on secondary skills. I use different objects and tools in order to produce the movements needed. I often use video recording to show development of an athlete at no additional cost with private youtube links sent within 24 hours of training.

Most all athletes develop bad habits because coaches and parents see the job getting done and not the way its executed. They don't take into consideration the bad tendencies and lack of growth it promotes. Many coaches also will bench players because they do not show signs of improvement in skills they force motions rather than working with the subjects learning and movement styles. I am a developmental skills coach, I have never not succeeded in teaching a player a skill set and helping them double in improvement.

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Client Reviews

We can’t say enough about Coach Jordon! Our daughter had one session with him and the improvement was unbelievable. He has this amazing ability to break down every skill, explain it so she understood and then helped her to achieve it. He is encouraging and our daughter left inspired and excited to keep working on what she had learned. He quite obviously loves the sport and is an exceptional coach. We would highly recommend!!

My daughter had her first session with Coach Jordan and she left there feeling great about the session and her confidence level went back up a few notches. His approach and method to coaching is amazing. He was able to identify the opportunities quickly and did it in a way that made my daughter feel good about herself. My daughter is looking forward to the next session. I highly recommend Coach Jordan.

Great drills ran by Jordan! Fun and very educational. My daughter loves his sessions so far!

Coach Jordan is clearly skilled and leads by example. He takes the time to to explain technique and provides the reps necessary to master. I highly recommend coach Jordan for any skill level or age.

Very good instructions with focus on technique

He was great at explaining form and technique with my 16 year old daughter. She said it’s very different than the coaching she’s received at her club. Very satisfied!

(no details provided)

Coach Jordan was a great coach! After one session I already feel like a whole new athlete. His training and techniques are like none I’ve had before definitely top notch.
I would highly recommend Coach Jordan to anyone!

Awesome Coach. Makes practice fun and has a great sense of humor with the player.
Very positive coaching and builds the skill he is trying to achieve, step by step.

Quite frankly our best personal coach experience, has been with Jordan. He is very balanced between the right amount of encouragement and well placed critique. He will call out every single thing the player isn’t doing well but coaches through it. He is so smooth in his delivery that athlete seems encouraged to aim for that perfect set, bump or serve.
My daughter has had two lessons and so much was accomplished in just that short time. She has improved drastically and seems more passionate about Volleyball than she has been. I asked my daughter what she thought of coach Jorden. She simply said, “He’s just so chill”. I think that’s teen code for, he is really good.

Today was my first training session with Jordan and already I learned so much, he explains everything in a way one can understand, he makes it all make sense. He has great visual techniques and is patient when it comes to the learning process. In just one session I feel like I have improved my game, can’t wait to see my results in the future sessions to come.

(no details provided)

Coach Jordan was awesome.. After just one session he improved my daughters serve and technique. Glad we found him!!

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(no details provided)

Coach Jordan is amazing! My three daughters had a great time learning and perfecting their technique. They returned from the session very confident in their skills and ready for try-outs!!! On a side note: They all made the team in their respective grades! Thank you Coach Jordan, you are a fabulous coach! Very encouraging and great at correcting constructively.

My daughter loves working with Coach Jordan! Her skill, and more importantly, her confidence improves with each lesson.

Don't hesitate to book with him now! 😊

I was intrigued to book Jordan based on his volleyball expertise and special focus on kinesiology and learning how to move quickly across the court. We are only one session in as I write this, but I can say that my daughter learned so much about digging in and diving for balls. They rounded out their session with some passing drills I've never seen before. Unique and effective. We will be back for more training with him. Further, Jordan was very kind of advise her on proper mindset for some pretty grueling volleyball tryouts and she hears his positive words in her head as she is going through tryouts.

My daughter was out with an injury for awhile and wanted some coaching to get her ready for volleyball tryouts. After working with coach Jordan the first hour, he had her almost back to pre-surgery playing. She definitely felt a difference in her serving and hitting from the small corrections he gave her. Really glad we found him.

(no details provided)

After one session with coach Jordan I can already see improvement in my game. He is very patient and attentive with the game. I look forward to working with him and know I will continue to improve drastically each day !

Coach Jordan did an awesome job. We had a group that spanned from 5 to 40. All of us learnt something and had a lot of fun. I would recommend Jordan.

Great coach

Jordan is a great coach! He has really improved my volleyball skills in just a small amount of time. I play sand volleyball for Palomar college and working with Coach Jordan has really helped me become a better college player. Coach Jordan really takes the time to work on your technique which improves your game overall. I would definitely recommend Coach Jordan!

Coach Jordan helped my daughter so much. She was able to understand and do what he suggested. I already see her improving.

Great first lesson! Jordan is very knowledgeable and passionate about the sport and it comes through in his lessons. We were able to address some bad habits and build a base for good form. Looking forward to more lessons to come!

Jordon really understands the game. He can verbally and physically demonstrate all the essential skills at a high level while being patient. The practices are broken down into a logically and systematic flow that prepared me and the other athletes range of motion, body mechanics, and timing to maximize power.

I would strongly advise any athlete thinking of polishing his/her game or even a beginner to hire Jordon. Good luck and see you on the sand :)

Met with Coach Jordan for the first time yesterday. My 14 year old daughter and I were immediately at ease with him. In one hour he was able to re-teach her the fundamentals and improve on what she was already doing correctly. She really liked him because he has a great sense of humor which is always great when working with kids. Most of all he gave her hope for a future in volleyball. He also, graciously, spent a good 20 minutes with us AFTER the session talking about pathways to college..taking our finances into consideration. I look forward to many more sessions and more importantly, so does my daughter. Thank you Coach Jordan.

Coach Jordan is outstanding. His knowledge and explanation of how body control leads to ball control I can already tell will lead to significant improvement in my game. He explains each aspect of the game and required skills in a simple manner and provides honest and encouraging feedback during the session. He obviously has great skills himself and is therefore able to demonstrate the fundamentals of the game, and not just talk about it. On top of that, he's a nice guy! I would definitely recommend him as a coach for a youth, young adult, or adult player aspiring to improve his/her game.

My granddaughter has only had one session with the coach but I can already see how good he is when working with new young VB players. He is giving her skills and she is learning confidence thanks to his patience and feedback. Very good experience so far!

What a great experience! Really liked the drills coach Jordan had my daughter work on. Definetly great with kids. She's only 12 and he was very patient with her. I was really impressed with what she learned after just one session. She's excited to continue working with him. I would definetly recommend Coach Jordan!!👍

Jordan is a fantastic coach. I've been training with him for just a few weeks and have definitely noticed a big improvement. He's able to suggest slight adjustments to my form (overhand serving, setting) that have made a very noticeable difference. Plus, being a beginner I feel a lot more confident playing with more experienced players (and winning!). Would definitely recommend Jordan!

Coach Jordan did a fantastic job preparing our daughter for her upcoming varsity volleyball tryouts. A great teacher is able to explain and demonstrate a concept in multiple ways and Jordan was consistently able to do this for our daughter. He also varied the workout so she was able to maintain her focus throughout and was very encouraging and upbeat. After her training with Jordan, our daughter was thrilled to make it on the varsity team. Coach Jordan is an outstanding coach; we thoroughly recommend him.

(no details provided)

Coach Jordan was great! After my first session I feel like my form and over hand serve have improved! He explains things well, and in a way that's easy to remember! I look forward to continuing my training with him, with a goal to play competitively in tournaments!

Both my daughter and I are very satisfied with Coach Jordan's training. He understands how to give training based on athlete's ability, and my daughter has learned a lot of things during very first day of training session. We are looking forward to having more training sessions with him.

Very impressed. Really appreciated coach Jordan's philosophy. Our daughter thought he explained things very well. Jordan breaks down the technique into simple steps and then ties everything together. We will continue to work with coach Jordan!

Jordan was amazing all around. Great coach, met at our favorite spot La Jolla Shores and even spent extra time with us. We had a private group of 4 and Jordan had drills and games laid out so that we all had fun, learned a lot and were sweating by the end of our session! We even went back the next day and practiced some of the drills Jordan taught us! HIGHLY RECOMMEND COACH JORDAN for your volleyball coaching needs.

A sign of a great teacher is knowing that not all people learn the same way, that there are different ways to learn. Coach Jordan is great at explaining to my daughter the mechanics, the desired output and positive reinforcement for how she learns and performs. She is a better player because of his training.

Jordan has provided exactly what my daughter needed to improve not only her play but the mentality on the court to play at a higher level. He has the ability to diagnosis what your athlete needs and how to best allow them to grow from each session that he coaches. He has a gift to do what he will exceed your expectations!

Great coach! Really takes the time to focus on small details in my technique. Really nice guy and cool to work with. So helpful in my all around game.

Coach Jordan is a great, he aims to help you with your techniques. He strives to make you a better athlete. I had so much fun with him.

Really made a difference in my daughter's playing! It is worth the investment. I suggest you schedule multiple lessons to lock in their newly taught techniques.

We had our daughter meet with coach Jordan for the first time this past week. Our daughter's goals are to improve primarily her outside hitting as well as serving. Coach J did a full assessment of all basic skills and it was apparent that Coach is knowledgeable and gets the message/objective across in a straightforward and fun manner. Our daughter enjoyed her first session and we look forward to a longstanding relationship with Coach Jordan.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach Jordan did an excellent job analyzing my daughter's skills, breaking the instruction down into manageable pieces for the skill, and communicating in a manner that my 12 year old could relate to. We will definitely continue to book Coach Jordan to build my daughter's skills. I am very impressed.

(no details provided)

Coach Jordan is a very patient and responsible coach. My daughter got great improvement on her beach volleyball after a few lessons. Thanks, coach!

After one session, I am very impressed. Coach Jordan was friendly and professional with the players. He had great drills and pointers that kept them engaged and thinking about what they were doing. My daughter and I are looking forward to future sessions.

I love Coach Jordan's positive approach! He is honest but always encouraging with the girls. They "parrot" his catchy reminders to each other throughout the week at their team practices. I have already seen improvement in my daughter's passing and serving - it is getting so consistent!

Thanks Coach!!

Coach Jordan was terrific! Even after one lesson I see much improvement in my daughter. We cannot wait to see what more training can do!

Jordan has been extremely helpful in developing my son's volleyball skills. He started as a beginner in the sport, but has rapidly improved his skills by working with Jordan. Jordan teaches in a very systematic way that allows step by step instruction to help build muscle memory, thereby building skills and improving confidence. I would highly recommend working with Jordan if you are looking for private volleyball coaching.

My daughter had not played beach volleyball before her session with Jordan. She is hooked! She learned ball control and had a blast at the same time. Jordan was encouraging and gave great instruction. My daughter is now inspired to develop her skills in beach volleyball. Jordan will definitely have a positive impact on your athlete. I highly recommend Jordan to anyone who wants to up their volleyball game.

Coach Jordan has really helped my daughter learn to play Beach Volleyball. It is great to see her progress from week to week. I would recomment coach Jordan to anyone!

Great coach, Probably will make you the best server on your team in one workout. Very good at getting you to learn what you need to learn. Everyone must train with coach Jordan now.

Coach Jordan has been an amazing coach to my daughter, Sabrina. Her hitting technique has improved tremendously and her serving average have been 98% successful during tournaments. He also recorded a video of her hitting to review and give feedback on what she would need to improve on.

Jordan has a true love for the sport of Volleyball and does what it takes to get things done. He has done a great job of building the sport in Texas and continues to use his inovative skills to continue to build the sport in different ways.
WendelCoach thanks for a great season and for teaching me the back slide! ALL DAY! I can bring the hammer with me next year at college! Thanks again coach!
Coach Jaydub!!! I signed today and am playing Division 1 volleyball!! Thank you for the long hard hours you spent working with me. I can't tell you how much it means to me. Thank you for the life lessons and the volleyball lessons you have taught me. I won't ever forget it. When's the next lesson? Haha
Nicole's serving has literally blown everyone away on her team. It really is amazing to see how quickly she has developed with the new style. She is so motivated and has been getting ace after ace! Her playing time has increased as well which accomplishes the two main goals we set.
Coach, I would never have been able to make varsity team if it wasn't for you! I am the only Freshman in the last 2 years to be called up. All of those trainings and crushing balls at me now makes sense. Thanks Jaydub!
You have always meant a lot to her and we thank you for the positive influence you have brought to her development both on and off the court
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