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World class skilled coach and trainer, with very deep playing and training experience . View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
Training Locations
  1. Radnor Racquet Club, 175 King of Prussia Road, Radnor, PA

Coach is willing to travel up to 25 miles

  • Ohio University (OH)

  • 30 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Midfield, Goalkeeper, Forward, Defense

  • Throw-Ins, Shooting, Penalty Kicks, Passing, One-on-Ones, One-Touch, Heading, Goal Kicks, Free Kicks, First Touch, Dribbling, Crossing, Corner Kicks, Agility


  • Ohio University (OH)

  • 30 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Midfield, Goalkeeper, Forward, Defense

  • Throw-Ins, Shooting, Penalty Kicks, Passing, One-on-Ones, One-Touch, Heading, Goal Kicks, Free Kicks, First Touch, Dribbling, Crossing, Corner Kicks, Agility

More About Coach Jonathan

I am a grad student at Ohio University working on a Master’s Degree in the Coaching MCE program, the only one of its kind in the world. I finished a Masters in Education as well as a certificate class in mental toughness training with the US Olympic Committee education program. I am an expert team and individual coach. I am a soccer team improvement expert ,I will teach you how to become an effective and excellent soccer coach, and then you'll become the man , or woman who is the ultimate hero.
I have extensive experience coaching soccer teams at the college, high school, and middle school level, as well as travel teams both boys’ and girls’ U9-U16, select, tournament, adult amateur, and intramural teams. I have administered tournaments, camps, and promotional soccer demonstration programs. I have conducted and directed five-a-side, indoor and outdoor tournaments, futsal leagues, and indoor 3v3 leagues. In 1989, I attended by invitation the world-renowned international soccer academy, Ajax Soccer Academy, in the Netherlands. I was mentored there by Weil Coerver, an internationally recognized leader in youth soccer development.
As a sports educator, I’ve learned that there is no substitute for one on one mentorship. I have traveled internationally to be mentored by exceptional, world-class soccer players and coaches including national level and World Cup team coaches. I was coached by Gordon Banks of Manchester United in England. I trained as a coach at Ajax Youth Soccer Academy in the Netherlands. Among my mentors I include Hans Scharne and Bayern Munich at Beltsville Boys FC.
Mentored by several world-class coaches and players, I have, since 1981, directed Morningstar Soccer Academy which is modeled after Ajax Soccer Academy and the FFF (Federation of French Football Academies) in Leon, France. Morningstar Soccer Technical Development is systematically modeled after current Dutch, Brazilian, and German coaching techniques. I’ve also developed an original system of techniques and routines for juggling, finishing, shooting, dribbling, and passing. I align with European philosophies on soccer training that center individualized attention to players. This means that in addition to coaching tactical understanding of team-play, my program will emphasize intensive individualized work to teach technical mastery and control over the ball. “Individualized technically obsessive football education” develops precise and skillful players in addition to the developing the team. I specialize in finishing and scoring, training players within the framework of attack futbol. I have studied the science of scoring and goal-keeping and have developed a system for coaching individual technical skills such as juggling and passing.
The following are teams and the season outcomes during my times as Head Coach. I’ve coached 5 teams to national qualifying 3v3 championships and led many other teams to championships and undefeated seasons:

Montgomery Soccer League, Champions, U8, undefeated season, 1980
Eastern College Assistant Men's Soccer Coach, 1987
Montgomery Christian Academy Boy’s High School Soccer Team, Finished Number 1 in League, undefeated season, 1985
Delaware County Christian Academy Boy’s Middle School Soccer Team, Finished Number 1 in League, undefeated season, 1989
Haverford Middle School, Head Soccer Coach, 1992
U12 Morningstar Soccer League, Delaware County, Finalist, 1994
U10 Morningstar Soccer League, Delaware County, Champions, undefeated season, 1994
U11, U14, U9 Conestoga 3v3 Outdoors, 1994
U16 High School Soccer Team for Haverford Soccer League, Champions, undefeated Season.
Morningstar Soccer Academy 3v3, State Tournament U10, Champions, National qualifying invitational tournament, 2003
Bucks 3v3 Indoor Soccer Tournament, 2004
Morningstar Soccer Academy 3v3, Indoor BUCKS-MONT 3v3 Tournament, Champions, 2005, National qualifying invitational tournament, 2005
Haverford Soccer Futsal Team U17 championship finished as number 1 2014, Haverford Soccer Club Travel Professional Coach, 2015
Valley Forge Military Academy middle School Soccer Coach, 2007
Montgomery Soccer U8 League Rec Championship, finished undefeated, 1981
Delco Soccer league U10 Championship, 1993
Bucks Indoor soccer, PA State Tournament 3v3, 2004
Conestoga 3v3, PA State, U11, U14, U9, 2004
Had 5 national invitational qualifying 3v3 championship teams Disney World 2002-2004
Haverford Soccer Club U16 Futsal Team league Champions 2015
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I played as a national level Jr player.
I played on a U18 Beltsville Boys Football Club side that competed in two National Level Jr. club competitions.
I also tried out for the United States Olympic Soccer Team and made the East Coast regional side.
In Wicomico High School, I made the all-state selection.
In my high school soccer team, I was invited by coach Gordon Jago to train for the summer with the New York Cosmos Professional side while Pele was playing on the team.
I've played for the Washington Diplomats Professional Soccer NASL team in exhibition play.
I've also been selected to the Md, Vir, and Dc all-star Jr. side.
I was captain of the Beltsville Boys Football Club; we were Prince Georgia's County League Champions.
I have also played for Flagler College Soccer Team, won the SEC Invitational Tournament, won the Florida State Soccer Tournament, and ranked top 20 in the United States in 1975.
I have played on the Belle Donna Amateur Adult Club team, with which we achieved an undefeated season and won the Eastern Shore Men's Adult Team Championship in 1972.
I have attended the International Soccer Camp in Honesdale, PA. My coach there was Donald Yonkers, Head Coach at the Phidelphia Textile Soccer Team.

I founded Morningstar Soccer Academy in 1979.

I have directed my own league indoors and outdoors. I have developed my own techniques for teaching juggling, shooting,dribbling, and passing.

I've been coached and mentored by:

Gordon Banks, England, Manchester United. -- a friend who worked with me doing clinics in 1998
Ajax Professional Youth Soccer Academy, Netherlands -- trained as a coach
Han Scharne, Bayern Munich FC at Beltsville Boys FC
Greg Meyers, US Naval Academy, Milam, Florida International University, Miami Dade South
Desmond Armstrong, US World Cup Team, US National Team Player
Michael Glouseter, US National Team, US Olympic Soccer Team, 1972, 1987
William Casagrada, Head Coach and Director Beltsville Boys, FC Founder of Maryland Soccer League
Lincoln Phillips Howard University, Washington Darts, player coach, coached privately ,

I have coached college, high school, and middle school soccer teams, as well as travel teams, select teams, and intramural teams. I have directed camps, tournaments, soccer demonstration programs. I have coached with and for some of the best coaches and players in the world. I have TRAINED many local soccer champions privately.

Sides I played for:

Beltsville Boys Club FC Stebbins Cup, Freberger Cup, JR Nationals U16, U17, U18
High Point High School FC
USA Olympic Selection Side, US East Coach
Northwestern High School Soccer Team, Finished Bi-county champions ,
Invited by personal invitation to train with the NY Cosmos Professional Team by Gordon Jag / head coach

Wicomico High School Soccer Team, finished number 2 in Bayside Conference ,
PG Community College Soccer Team
Ocean City College Soccer Team
FlagerCollege Soccer Team, won ACC South Invitational Tournament, won Florida State Invitational College Tournament
Eastern College FC club team
Morningstar Adult Men's team, finished number 2 in nether men's amateur league 1980 -81
Bella Donna Championship Foot Ball Club, finished undefeated champions, men's amateur open Eastern Shore Soccer League
Greek American Football Club, finished number 1, National Embassy League ,1979
Hungarian American Football Club, finished number 2, Washingon DC, Embassy League, 1980
Zodiac Football Club,1
Morningstar Football Club Adult indoor Team 1990
Washington International Football Club
Yeadon Palace Football club, finished Number 1, Delco Men's League, 1991
Washington Diplomats Professional NASL TEAM exhibition, Fall
Venissieux United FC Lyon, France, Spring 1993
MD, VIRG, DC All Star U18 select team
2005 invitation to play for the over 40 National champoinship team

I attended an International Soccer Camp in Honesdale PA; the director was Don Yonkers of Philadelphia University of Textiles, one of the very best coaches in the United States.

I use The Dutch method of training players and teams. If you wish to improve, you must lose this local stone age mindset that playing organized soccer matches is what will improve you. At 17, Pele had played much less organized football than 99 % of travel team players the same age in the US, and he was one of the top players in the world. How? Thousands of hours training in his backyard with the BALL and a personal coach, the opposite training regimen of most American kids. The football players who become great imitate the greats and are fascinated with skill, and willing to devote lonely time with the BALL. The game does not teach you to play; you must learn to control the ball to play in the game. Very few coaches or players here understand the game, and even fewer are willing to put in the time and work to understand and play or coach. Come train with me; I will teach you about discipline, hard work, and perseverance.

I break down the training into
1)fast feet
2)beat the defender moves
3)passing, shooting, and receiving air balls
4)juggling and heading
5)small sided games
Fast Feet: Ajax FC Academy Coervr Training---Dancing with highly technical moves with ball; mastery objectives are to be very controlled with the ball and very quick. A football player doesn't have to be fast; they must be QUICK on and off the ball.

As in most sports, the combination of techniques produces a skill, for instance, the combination of receiving a ball on the chest then controlling down to the ground and then shooting is a combination of techniques that produce the skill of scoring. The progression for player control is:

+technique mastery
+combining techniques to skill mastery
+being able to apply the skill to solve a tactical problem under match pressure with a game-changing result or outcome

I always begin with a warm-up with the ball, usually fast feet, a Dutch technique of dancing with the ball.
Then, progress techniques and control practice.
This is followed by training to use the skills to accomplish a tactical objective.
I try to end session with a competitive game of some type and assign practice.

I'm continuously amazed that youth coaches at all levels and ages are still teaching and coaching a 1950s
style old school, American football style, tactical training session, full field and designating one team offense and everybody from midfield to keeper as defense--that's bush-league mentality that disappeared around 1960. For one thing, very few football academy or team coaches put 11 v11 to teach them anything. Small sided games are the environment of professional and successful youth and pro training sessions. Less space equals better passes, quicker passes, and tactical as well as technical dynamics for improvement. More touches results in more skill, more thinking, more communication, and quicker thinking because you have less time and less space. The way you change the environment to change the intensity is to make the field smaller, adjust the time required, or adjust number of players.

When we have the ball, the entire team is ATTACKING. When the opposing team has the ball, our entire team is defending backs, forwards, or strikers. On my team everyone shoots and assists. Attack begins with our keeper and ends with the opposing team's...that's real football. (Not kick and run after it, that's Rugby.)

Soccer is a game for those who can commit and work hard, and many hours of skill development ,its not a game for quitters who want everything to be easy.

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Client Reviews

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Just completed three private and one group session with Jonathan and so far it's been great. He covers a lot in each session, but not in an overwhelming way. Just as importantly, he relates well to his pupils, including my son, who can be a challenge for others to relate to as he doesn't always keep an open mind about new people or new ideas. Jonathan's easy going demeanor is an asset as well.

(no details provided)

Very good first session with Jonathan. My son got a lot out of the session and feels Jonathan will really help him improve his technical skills.

Jonathan has been an excellent soccer coach for our 12-year-old son. Not only does he have deep technical knowledge of the game, but he is also a great teacher with a fantastic philosophy on the sport and how it should be taught. Jonathan teaches the physical skills of soccer and more importantly, the mental skills necessary to grow and succeed.

Our son absolutely looks forward to each session, and is always motivated to learn more and practice after the session.

If your child wants to get better at soccer, build confidence, or just learn the tools necessary to succeed in life in general, you can't go wrong hiring Jonathan. Highly recommended!


My son has been training with Coach Jon for a few months now and we can really see a difference! His skills have improved dramatically. Coach Jon keeps the training fun but my son comes home every session with something new to show me. Coach Jon has such an infectious attitude - you can tell he loves and respects "the beautiful game." We are so thankful we found him!

My son has been working with coach Jonathan for a few sessions. They're working on soccer skills and ball control--something my son has been needing help with for a long time.
Jonathan is teaching my son things his numerous coaches have never taught him. He's learning a lot in every session and is given clear things to work on in between sessions.
Jonathan seems genuinely interested in helping our son improve, boost his confidence, and play more competitively in the future.
We anticipate working with Jonathan for many months to come. We'd highly recommend Jonathan to anyone seeking to improve their soccer game and skills.

Coach Jonathan is terrific! He is doing a great job teaching my eight-year old the fundamentals of soccer. She loves her lessons!

Coach Jonathan was a great coach. My son enjoyed the first session so much.

My son really enjoyed his first session with Coach Jon. He told me he learned a lot! Coach Jon is also very approachable and nice.

Coach Jonathan's training last summer was instrumental in my son's jump from jv to a starter on varsity for one of the top soccer programs in the Philadelphia area. Excellent in all aspects of the game. Best trainer my son has worked with over the last few years.

I don't even have the right words in mind the describe this guy. Truly an amazing coach that know his soccer. I'm really happy and excited to have meet Coach Jon, because i now know that i definatly have a chance at playing soccer at a high level if i keep taking his training and working hard on it. Thanks so much coach Jon!!!

Great coach! Very motivating!!

I booked Coach Jonathan for a well-rounded fitness workout. His extensive experience with soccer, tennis, boxing, running and martial arts made for a fun high energy workout. He takes the time to explain each exercise and is a great motivator. 5 stars experience all the way.

Coach Jonathan taught my daughter some phenomenal techniques that will help her excel. Coach Jonathan took the time to meet with both myself and my daughter to understand her goals and objectives. He coaches at a very high and sophisticated level that will surely benefit all his students.

I am a college student who was just looking to casually hit and improve my game. Coach Jon has done above and beyond that. He has given me confidence in my new grips and strokes. He gears the lessons to what I want to work on and where he think I need improvement. I absolutely recommend him.

Jonathan is totally knowledgeable about tennis. I'm an advanced intermediate, and I can see how he would be helpful to anyone at any level, as he's very adaptable to a player's needs. I went in not wanting to make big changes, given my advanced age of 47, but he convinced me to try some things that were kinda drastic for me and man have they made a difference. This was because he attended to my needs, rather than my wants; i.e. he knew what was best and gently guided me towards that, even though technically speaking, that wasn't what I THOUGHT I wanted. I have mad respect and appreciation for him because of that and am so glad I kept my mind open to his tremendous suggestions.

Coach Jonathan is very kind and excellent. My daughter has only two sessions with him, but she already seems to be a happy and nice player. Thanks!

Great session this past weekend!

Coach Jonathon was great! Within minutes I was taught things that I had not been show in 10 years!

Coach Jon really helped every aspect of my game. He has shown me how to work smarter, not harder with better results. I would definitely recommend him.

After one session with Coach Jonathan it is easy to see why training with him is a fantastic opportunity. His experience, technique, and philosophy are fantastic, and he has an excellent approach with youth soccer players!

My son (who currently plays at the U10 level) just completed a series of training sessions with Coach Jon, and we are very happy to recommend him. Jon is extremely knowledgeable about soccer, and takes the time to explain each lesson thoroughly. He teaches precision and the technical aspects of the game, all in a very motivational way. I highly recommend him.

Jonathan is an elite coach and teacher that is well suited for the beginner and advanced player. I am a 4+ player and my kids are beginners and he excels at teaching and coaching at both those levels. You would be hard pressed to find someone that has his level of passion, knowledge and skill. By far one of the best coaches you could find! Without hesitation I would recommend! Peter Z. - February 2, 2016
Hey good news , The Radnor Valley U14 team won districts, and sectionals and is on the way to South Carolina for Nationals in OCT. = Pretty Impressive group of kids, and you can take partial credit for two of them - Mary and Amy. Mary scored at least 30 of the 79 points the team needed to win - she never lost a match - the worst win was 4-2 . Amy also looked impressive - great at the net, and serving. Jacqueline and I give you the credit for building such a strong tennis foundation with Mary , (and amy) - those summer camps of all day hitting in the heat = builds character. Thanks Peter
Testimonial for Jonathan Newman, Tennis Coach When I first met Jon I was returning to tennis after a 25 year break. My strokes were from another era, they were all arm, flat with no topspin. I had no sense of timing and was very inconsistent. Now, after being coached by Jon, every aspect of my game has transformed. I am confident in my groundstrokes and can hit hard with topspin using my entire body. My net game wins points regularly and my serve is strong and consistent. Jon has not only helped me improve my technique and footwork for the modern game, but given me strategies for winning in singles and doubles. Now I can’t wait to get on the courts! - Scott M., Wayne, PA
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