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Currently coaching over 50 Lacrosse players and goalies, 45 hockey players and goalies and baseball players and catchers. We have help place several players at the D1 through D3. View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
Training Locations
  1. 869 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington, MA
  2. 78 Olympia Ave, Woburn, MA

Coach is willing to travel up to 25 miles

  • Boston Architectural College (MA)

  • 15 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Midfield, Goalie, Defense, Attack

  • Stick Skills, Stick Protection, Stick Checks, Shooting, Offball Movement, Long Stick Midfield, Ground Balls, Fast Breaks, Faceoffs, Dodging, Defense Positioning, Agility


  • Boston Architectural College (MA)

  • 15 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Midfield, Goalie, Defense, Attack

  • Stick Skills, Stick Protection, Stick Checks, Shooting, Offball Movement, Long Stick Midfield, Ground Balls, Fast Breaks, Faceoffs, Dodging, Defense Positioning, Agility

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More About Coach Joe

Hockey Coach - Present
2003 - Present
Level 3 USA Hockey Coach

SLS Lacrosse College Placement & Training

Syracuse Women's Lacrosse - Player
Siena Women's Lacrosse - Goalie
Saint John's University Men's Lacrosse - Goalie

Saint Anselm Men's Lacrosse - Goalie
Northern Florida University Women's Lacrosse - Goalie

Tufts University Women's Lacrosse - Goalie
Regis College Men's Lacrosse - Goalie
UMass Dartmouth - Men's Lacrosse - Goalie

Players & Goalie Currently Being Recruited

Nichols College Men's Lacrosse - Goalie

Baseball Coach
2000- 2012
Certified Cal Ripken Baseball Coach

Lacrosse Player/Goalie Coach (Boys & Girls)
2018 - present Regis College Goalie Coach
2008 - present

Lacrosse Player Coach
2008 - present

Partnered with Athletic Evolution Strength & Conditioning

As a baseball, hockey, lacrosse goalie coach and business coach I enjoy teaching and training players who are looking to take their game to the next level.

One of the problems with coaching players is using traditional training equipment and coaching methods. Players get bored quickly with long explanations which leads to missed communication, frustration and can lead to both the players and the coach wasting time.

Providing the player with a visual explanation of the drill or play reduces verbal explanation and increase practice time by 90%.

Projecting animated drills and plays onto the practice surface forces the player to engage his or her mind.

My philosophy is to develop goaltending basics movement through constant repetition of the fundamentals resulting in well defined muscle memory.

My program focuses on a player’s development by laying the proper foundation of fundamentals and building the skills needed to become the best possible lacrosse & hockey players and goaltenders. We do not mass produce our players. My belief and goal is spending quality time helping to achieve a quality student-athlete not process large amounts players and baby sit them. We take a personal interest in each and every athlete we train in order to develop them to their fullest possible potential.

Whether in a small group or a private lesson, I provide Individual attention to each and every athlete. I identify both the mental and physical characteristics needed to transform a good players into a great person who plays lacrosse or hockey.

Helped place athletes to the collegiate level:

1. Siena College D1 Lacrosse Women's Goalie
2. Elon University D1 Lacrosse Women's Goalie
3. Florida Southern College D2 Lacrosse Women's Goalie
4. Saint Michaels D2 Lacrosse Men's Goalie

When it comes to mental preparation I am steps ahead of my competitors. You’ll find the benefit of mental preparation useful, both on and off the turf and in situations beyond the realm of lacrosse.

This approach to being the very best you can be, has been totally neglected by goalies and coaches in their training regiment. It is our mission and responsibility to develop theTOTAL GOALTENDER. Mental Preparation can often be more important than the actual physical portion of the game. GOALIES must be prepared in both mind and body if they want to become…….. THE TOTAL GOALTENDER.

Multiple Youth Baseball Championships
Multiple All Star Youth Baseball Pitcher
College: Baseball Pitcher/First Basemen
High School: Freshman,Baseball, Varsity Tennis

Players review lesson plans prior to their private or semi private lesson. Before each practice the player is aware of proper hydration, nutrition and attitude adjustments. Before a practice begins, players must warm up for at least 15 minutes. The first part of the session typically will be dedicated to three aspects of lacrosse goalie training. Eyes, Hands & Feet. We will work on hand eye coordination, reaction drills and foot work drills. Because goalies spend 90% of the game moving into different positions our main focus will be movement drills to ensure the goalie is in the right place at the right time. Our training technology helps players be in the right position and the right time. For coaches it helps to focus on the players movement. Video recording the players and telestrating their progress in real time helps the player visualize their play. To ensure they see their photos of themselves in practice I email the video photo of the corrections via email. Players review the photos prior to the next schedule practice.

At the end of the practice we measure the players results in several categories from 1-10.

Player/Person Attitude
Focused/Discipline Behavior
Proper Techniques

Coaching is all about developing a person to achieve greatness in all aspects of their life.

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Client Reviews

Enthusiastic great coach

What an awesome experience with Coach Joe! He was perfect for one on one Lacrosse goalie sessions with my 12yr old boy. Did a great job relating to him and going beyond the fundamentals of goalie: respect, attitude and the mental part of the position.

Coach Joe is an excellent coach. He noticed little things I was doing wrong and helped fix those problems. I would highly recommend him to anyone that needs those little critiques.

Joe coached passing and shooting very technically, which worked well with me.

Joe was great!

Coach Joe was excellent. We saw an improvement after just one session.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

I’m looking forward to my next session!

Coach Joe is great. My 16 year old son son is working on his batting skills. Coach Joe has a terrific approach! We are only 2 of 10 sessions in and my son has learned so much, better understanding the many components of batting. I have already noticed significant improvement! Glad we found Coach Joe!

Enjoyed my session with Joe. If he was closer to me I would use his coaching more often. Highly recommend!

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Great coach and a great coaching technique!

My son loved learning from him.
Joe recognised his bad habits right away and taught him the right way. (Which we had no idea for almost a year of him playing hockey)
We're going to sign him up for more sessions with coach Joe and my son can't wait to go back and train with him.
Thank you Joe!

Immediate impact on my sons ability. All the little things that matter so much!

(no details provided)

Coach Joe is a terrific coach! My son showed improvements all around by the second session. Coach Joe is focused on building up my son entirely as a student althete, after a solid evaluation process. Thanks, Coach! Looking forward to many more sessions!

(no details provided)

My daughter had a great time with Coach Joe and her skills improved. I would definitely recommend spending time with him to better your hockey skills.

Joe was fantastic. He was very in tune to many aspects of things that have been overlooked many times previously by others. He was very engaged throughout and made the hour a lot of fun and informative

(no details provided)

Thanks Joe.

Very innovative approach - and the drill are demanding but very effective. Can already see how this will impact my game.

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

On our very first session there were countless corrections that coach Joe was able to make for my daughter (15yrs old) he took the time to explain why he was making the corrections so she was able to have it make sense and replicate it right away. He has his own rink surface so scheduling is easy. She learned more in one hour than at any of the countless camps she has attended. I wish I did this much sooner.

Joe does a great job with Luke. He is constantly teaching him the correct way to do things but at the same time making the session fun

Ordinarily I don't give 5 star reviews; Coach D. Deserves every one of them. Facility is user friendly, innovative, and clean, with lots of drills for every skill level, and Coach D himself is a fun guy who takes his work seriously but keeps the mood light. My only gripes are how far from home it is for me and finding the right entrance he first time I went!

(no details provided)

Great first class

Coach Joe was great with my 14 yr old daughter. He helped her get ready for lax tryouts technically and mentally. He gave her good drills and pep talk. She was excited for tryouts! Our daughter looks foward to seeing him again! He was great and we recommend him!

Coach Joe recognizes where weaknesses exist in the range of a total player's skills, and he addresses them with a fun, effective approach - good for all ages.

In an hour Joe was able to tell me the kind of learner my son is and develop a strategy to help him improve. Immediate results

(no details provided)

Coach Joe and Andrea were amazing. They gave my son the confidence he needed and helped him with his skills.

(no details provided)

Coach Joe taught my son more in 15 minutes then he had learned in two full years!
Great job!

Very good personal training!

Coach Joe knows his stuff. Great knowledge and enthusiasm. Coach Andrea was awesome ! Great duo. My daughter did one session and were looking forward to keep training with them.

(no details provided)

Coach Joe is excellent with kids and this is a great program.

Joe's analysis on what needed to be worked on first was spot on. Progress is seen after every lesson and enthusiasm grows every week. He makes every class both challengi g and fun. A great investment !

Coach Joe has been a fabulous instructor for my 9 year old son. He worked with Coach Joe for a good number of sessions in the spring into early summer. They worked on many specific skills (different types of shoots, faking moves, defensive posture and positioning, net manuvering, etc.) that he had not yet been taught as part of a strong town program (just too may kids to teach them all). My son very much likes working with Coach Joe. It has made a significant difference in his skills and interest in lacrosse. With his help, my son successfully joined a travel team along with his town team. Wholeheartedly recommend Coach Joe to help you son/daughter improve skills and strengthen interest in lacrosse. For context, we have three children, playing hockey, lacrosse, baseball, soccer, field hockey and swimming, among other sports. We have worked with several private coaches for various sports, and Coach Joe is in the upper echelon of teachers.

Coach Joe and Andrea from Smart Light Sports have exceeded our expectations. Our son Connor has just turned 8 and is new to hockey. We chose Coach Joe D because of his broad range of coaching experience (basic to pro). He contacted me immediately to see how Connor learned best and what we hoped to get out of our session. He has been able to break drills down in a way that Connor understands and explains things to my husband so that we can continue the work at home. Since we do not have anything of this kind at home, we have made the 3 hour drive for lessons. Connor is getting so much out of it and having so much fun that we plan to continue these trips!!

Joe and his team are the BEST! They have been helping me improve quickly using their innovative projection-on-ice system. Joe is professional, but also personable and fun. I am so grateful to have found him!

(no details provided)

The session was great! My son left feeling like he will be able to develop the skills to be a successful lacrosse athlete!

(no details provided)

Coach Joe is amazing! My son is learning puck handling immensely, and he wastes no time with Coach Joe. As a hockey coach, we give him ten stars. Coach Joe is very attentive to communications and makes the most of CoachUp's resource for scheduling and feedback; this makes our parent-coach relationship transparent and effective. Please ask Coach Joe about your kids' lesson with him now, and I guarantee this qualified coach will get back to you in a minute.

===Update after one year of weekly coaching sessions by Coach Joe===
My son made it to a select team! After being rejected from all teams he tried out at the end of the last season, he started seeing Coach Joe. We were not sure if seeing stickhandling coach was the right first step to getting accepted to an elite team in the following year. It turned out it was the right choice to see Coach Joe, not just a stickhandling coach, but as a navigator and a cheerleader toward our goal. For the following one year, we didn't have any week we didn't want to meet Coach Joe. He has taught my son basics of stick handling, passing/receiving, body positioning, and shooting, and most importantly the spirit of hockey. Individualized attention to acquiring these skills was critical for my son, as town team coaches or hockey camps didn't provide them. The advice Coach Joe has provided him is very to-the-point that made my son an excellent hockey player. Coach Joe is good at using animated voices, gestures, and fun phrases to let my son engaged throughout the session. At some point in the middle of the season, parents from his town team started coming to me and ask "where does he learn stick handling?" If you have a kid who wants to step up and join a select team, or varsity team, I strong suggest asking Coach Joe to navigate through the process towards his/her goal through coaching.

Joe was awesome - it was a great first session, Joe worked my son through a lot of different drills to get a assessment of his skill level and ability. My son left there excited and really looking forward to his next session with Joe.

(no details provided)

My son has loved the lessons and is really improving.

Our son is just starting to learn to play lacrosse and could not be happier with Coach Joe. He brings so much enthusiasm and patience. Our son looks forward to the lessons and has made tremendous strides in learning the game. He has a long way to go but is developing a strong foundation. You will not find a better coach!

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach Joe and his nephew Mike were fantastic. They gave my son great lax tips and made the lesson fun. They went over cradling, shooting, defense and passing. So helpful - thank you so much!

Top notch! After the first session, my son has a new outlook on nutrition and training. Booking more sessions as we speak!

Coach Joe and his staff were very professional and knowledgeable. Training methods are unique and definitely interesting. Looking forward to more training sessions with my 11 year old to get him to the next level.

Coach Joe is great in guiding my Daughter and she gain confidence on sports

Very helpful and effective. I have noticed improvement every time I meet with Joe.

You can't go wrong with Coach Joe. He is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and experienced.

I have found Coach Joe to be very helpful with many aspects of the game. I've only been playing hockey for a year now, so I have a lot to learn. I'm learning to pass better, shoot better, etc. It's a great to have someone correcting your form and giving you feedback. Coach Joe has given me a lot to work on, but it's worth it.

I've just recently started playing hockey, and Coach Joe has really helped me pick up the game quickly. His coaching has been excellent and I would definitely recommend him to anyone else trying to improve their game.

My son and his friends look forward to going each week for their lacrosse drills with Coach Joe.

Coach Joe has been fabulous working with our boys to tune them up and prepare them for spring lacrosse! His encouraging and clear methods of teaching have kept the boys engaged and positive. He has taught them very key components of stick handling, game tactics and mental toughness that isn't always able to be caught and taught in a larger team setting . I highly recommend him and will work with him again!

Excellent! supportive and inspiring!

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Lacrosse Goalie Coach Joe Dellanno created light projection plays using Lax Light technology improving my sons game performance to have an unbeatable season! Coach Dellanno mentored my son which raised his self confidence & awareness to be more coordinated. He guided my son to improve his muscle memory increasing his lacrosse IQ. Coach Dellanno is more than my sons trainer he is his confidant and friend!
By training with Joe over the past year, my son has gone from a decent town league lacrosse goalie to a contender in the elite leagues. Joe has a great disposition and motivates my son to break through both mentally and physically to the next levels of his game, while also remembering to enjoy the game. Joe also provides explanations of concepts by using visual and vocal examples so my son understands and "really gets it". Overall a great experience that my son continues to enjoy, learn, and grow as a goalie. Thanks! Erin Murphy-Dunn
Joe is a terrific coach. He is patient, kind and funny but still commands respect. I have seen a huge improvement in both my daughter’s skills and her confidence. She always looks forward to her time training with Joe! Martha Barrett Over the several months that I have been a student here, I feel that I have improved immensely as a goalie. Coach Joe is great at motivating me. Fiona Barrett
Our son Stephen Getsick plays goalie for several lacrosse teams. His goalie skills have increased ten fold thanks to the coaching of Joe at Lax Light Goalie Academy. Coaches have told me that Stephens confidence and skill level have made him one of the top U13 goalies in the area. Coaches are approaching Stephen to play for their elite teams and private schools are scouting him for recruitment. I like coming here I my dad, coach’s and I have seen a big different ever since I have ben coming here. I have learned a lot I really enjoy it. Joe is a great trainer. I enjoy it improved on the field. Its really fun.
I am extremely pleased with the progress I’ve seen in my 10-year-old daughter since she started her lessons. Between the verbal instruction and the lighting system, she quickly picked up and memorized proper positioning, stance and posture, and has shown an increase in confidence on the field. Most importantly, she has a great time coming here and looks forward to every lesson! She even wants to keep practicing when we get home (very unusual for her)… ; ) Joe is great to work with as a parent, provides guidance and tips, and is very encouraging for the student. Madison’s progress this year, clearly noted by other coaches, is a testament to this methodology. -Fran Lacombe When I started lacrosse goalie I was just a girl with her gear, now I am better then I ever thought I would be this soon after starting. Now I’m saving, stopping, catching and clearing balls. These lessons have made me better and faster then ever. I LOVE coming here once a week because it’s fun to practice and knowing that this season I’ll be so much better then last year. I owe it all to Joe!!! -Madison Lacombe
When my daughter decided to be a u10 lacrosse goalie, Coach Joe, came highly recommended. Joe has quickly developed a solid skills foundation from which she can build a successful first season. Joe’s ability to break down and train the fundamental components of the position in a fun and age appropriate manner is exceptional. Time with Coach Joe is time well spent. Having played hockey for several years, my son’s stick handling and shooting were not progressing in line with his skating. Coach Joe’s tools and approach make shooting and passing fun and the training effective. The interactive projection drills and quick pace easily keep my Squirt engaged. After three short sessions his confidence and capability have significantly increased and he is asking for more.
Training with Joe has helped my son to quickly acquire the fine skills that he lacked as a recent convert to the goalie position. Joe focuses not only on the physical elements of the position but mental preparedness was well, which in many ways may be the most important but hardest skill to exercise. The innovativeness of the approach that allows his student to visualize while they experience the training is impressive. When I brought my older son who was a four starting goalie for a successful Division 2 college program to one of the sessions to get his opinion of the training. His comment was “I wish I had this type of training”. I have been training with Joe for about two months now and from the first session to now has been a total transformation. With his drills and knowledge of the game he has formed me from a good goalie to a great goalie . I have enjoyed every minute here and will continue coming here. It is a great off-season workout. I would tell any of my fellow goalies on my high school team to join me as.
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