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Jamison J.

Certified running coach for 7 years


Campbell, CA





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California State University--East Bay (CA)

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Qualified_coach_badge Qualified Private Coach

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Adults, Kids, Teenagers



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Yes; up to 3 athletes


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60 minutes

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Not Included

More About Me

I have been a Running Coach for seven years. During this time I have served as a private running coach as well as the Training Coordinator and Head Coach for the San Francisco Marathon. My coaching style is based upon my own training experience, classes and certifications that I have completed, and learning from other professional running coaches who have demonstrated proven ways to train and improve results and times. My qualifications include:

Road Runner Club of America (RRCA) Certified Adult Running Coach
National Association of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)
NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES)

I begin my training program with a free initial consultation. This provides me the opportunity to learn more about my client, current fitness level and training frequency. In addition, being able to learn more about their running goals and upcoming races. We look at running history if they have been involved in running in the past and how to implement an overall training program to get stronger, increase speed, and improve endurance. This includes components like cross training, swimming and yoga that serve to help maximize your performance.

The next step is to compose a training plan for my client. Some of the factors that we include in developing an Individualized Training Program (ITP) include, distance and time goal, proximity to race day, and experience running this particular distance.

Once this ITP is completed, I am available to continue one on one training sessions either at the track, a long weekend run, or meeting at the gym to help develop a cross-training program for each client.

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Client Review Fitness

Great session. This really helped me get a look at where I need to be and what I need to do to get to where I want to be. It was very informative. Coach Jamison is great to work with.

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