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James M.

Former Collegiate tennis player with 8 years experience


Boston, MA





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Qualified_coach_badge Qualified Private Coach

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Adults, Kids, Teenagers


Topspin, Groundstrokes, Volley, Backhand, Forehand, Serve

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No, only 1-on-1


Up to 25 miles

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60 minutes

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Not Included

More About Me

I have been giving private tennis lessons in Boston and on Cape Cod for the past 8 years on and off. My coaching is based on the principles I learned from my own private coach, what I learned while teaching at Nike Tennis Camps and coaching at Wychmere Harbor and HarwichPort Tennis Association and incorporates the drills I found most helpful during my time as a collegiate tennis player at Williams College.

I enjoy working with players of all ages and levels, but I especially enjoy the challenge of coaching teenagers, because with them I can make the biggest difference in their game. My specialties include improving the forehand and backhand as well as various techniques to improve the serve and volley as well. I focus on the mental aspect of the game as well and incorporate many things I have read and learned from my old coaches into the lessons especially for more advanced players.

I start my sessions with a dynamic warm up, followed by drills and technique development, conditioning, and tons of repetition. When my athlete is ready, I’ll play points to simulate a match context. After each session, I want my athlete to feel an immediate, concrete improvement in his or her game on at least one shot we have worked on extensively during the lesson.

Athletic Achievements

Williams Men’s Varsity Tennis Team 2000-2004. Division III National Team Champions 2001 and 2002

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Client Review Tennis

After just one session, I feel a huge improvement in my game, especially the backhand. I got very useful critiques and definitely looking forward to future sessions with James.

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