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Daniel W.

Super Bowl Champion with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Atlanta, GA





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12 years

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Qualified_coach_badge Qualified Private Coach

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Adults, Kids, Teenagers


Snapper, Slot receiver, Inside linebacker, Free safety, Full back, Running back, Tight end, Wide receiver


Inside leverage, Zone coverage, Tackling form, Run blocking, Pump fakes, Play action, Pass blocking, Man to man coverage, Jamming, Hand placement, Footwork, Dropping back, Cut blocking, Body position, Blocking, Route running, Catching, Cutting

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Yes; up to 4 athletes


Up to 25 miles

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60 minutes

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Not Included

More About Me

Hello my name is Daniel. Officially retired from the NFL in 2011 due to injuries. My life positions are center, line backer, safety, quarterback, Tight end, Full Back, wide receiver, and half back. While in the NFL I matured and became a "football player". Starting @ H-Back for the Baltimore Ravens I played almost every position on offense. I am more than just a football Coach I am a trainer, a technique Specialist, a motivator, and teacher. A specialist in route running and a overall teacher of the sport. Having a Football IQ is super important. Let me help you be the best you can be. I was an un drafted free agent signed by the New York Jets. I played the majority of my 9 seasons with the Baltimore Ravens. I am experience in training, and coaching on the high school, collegiate, and NFL level. My primary focuses are speed, quickness, explosion, hand and eye coordination, catching, blocking, and route running abilities. I am A technique specialist. I also train the mind, helping my clients to gain a true understanding of the game. I can help you to also understand what it honestly takes to be a successful athlete. Below is a portion of my resume. Please feel free to review it.
Highly motivated, personable, extremely dedicated and professionally experienced, flexible and versatile--able to maintain composure and focus under pressure. Excellent motivating and team-building skills with a serious passion to learn and develop skills I have gained in my 8 years of hands-on experience in the NFL.
Abilities, Accomplishments & Honors

Coaching Experience
Tucker High School 2013
Associate Head Coach
Special Teams Coordinator
Wide Receivers Coach

Decatur High School 2012
@ Wide Receivers/Tight Ends
@ Special Teams Coordinator
@ Trainer & Mentor to High School players
@ Offensive coordinator
@ Team Mentor

Competitive Edge Sports (CES) 2011-current NFL Players
@ Wide Receivers Coach, Tight End Coach, Running Backs Coach, Quarters Back Coach
@ Mentor to Prospective NFL Players

Appalachian State University, Boone, NC 2010
@ Assistant Strength Coach under Coach Mike Kent
@ Assistant Wide Receivers Coach under Coach Jerry Moore
@ Team mentor to players

Empowerment M.I.N.D.S. ( non-profit foundation)
Football Camps/Clinics annually from Baltimore to Atlanta since 2004

Abilities, Accomplishments & Honors

High School
- 1st Team All-Dekalb County as a Wide Receiver
- 1st Team All-State as a Wide Receiver

Georgia Military College
- Golden Isle Bowl Runner Up
- 1st Team All Region

Appalachian State University
 All American/All-Conference Honors, ASU 2000-01

Honers NFL
 James Brown Award, 2008
 Byron Whizzer White Award Finalist 2008
 Man of the Year Award 2008

NFL Experience
Baltimore Ravens, NFL, Baltimore, MD 2004-2009 under Brian Billick/ John Harbaugh
 Tight End/H-Back/Wide Reciever/ Special Teams Active Roster 2004-2009
 Playoff Team
 Special Teams Captain 2005-2008
 Offensive Team Captain 2005-2008
 Wrote “Mr.83 Degreez” NFL Team Website Weekly Personal Blog from 2006-2009
 AFC North Conference Champions 2006
 AFC North Championship game finalist against Pittsburgh Steelers 2009
 Selected & Completed NFL’s Broadcast Boot camp 2007
 Selected & Completed NCAA/NFL Coaches Academy 2009

Rhiene Fire, Dusseldorf, Germany 2004
 Tight End/Special Teams Active Roster
 Special Teams Captain Under Coach Adrian White

Tampa Bay Buccaneers, NFL, Tampa Bay, FL 2002-2003 Under Jon Gruden
 Tight End/Special Teams Active Roster
 NFC South Champions
 Super Bowl XXXVIII The Pirate Bowl Champions
o 48-21 Victoryn over Oakland Raiders

New York Jets, NFL, Long Island, NY 2001-2002 Under Herman Edwards
 Tight End/ Special Teams Active Roster
 Playoff Team

Every workout is tailored to the athlete and his specific needs.
Here is just an example:
We always start off with a light warm up
Dynamic Warm-Up & motivational period
Stance & Starts
Speed warm up quick feet drills
Drill work
Agility work catching
Concentration work catching
Cool down

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