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Daniel M.

Played soccer at the collegiate level, experience coaching elementary school soccer,


Denver, CO





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Coaching Experience

4 years

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Qualified_coach_badge Qualified Private Coach

My Coaching


Adults, Kids, Teenagers


Outside midfielder, Outside forward, Center forward, Attacking center midfield


Shooting, Passing, Pass and move, One on ones, First touch, Dribbling

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Group Sessions

Yes; up to 2 athletes


Up to 10 miles

Session Duration

60 minutes

Facility Costs

Not Included

More About Me

I have played soccer all my life, I came to American in 2009 on a soccer scholarship to NAIA outfit Grand View University Vikings. There I spent four years developing my skills playing for the Varsity team while coaching at a local elementary school, with the Scouts of America. During my playing time we were crowned conference champions 3 times, we made it through to the NAIA national tournament 3 times; reaching the quarter-finals twice. I personally scored 1 goal in the national tournament.

My coaching skills have been developed through playing experience under many prestigious coaches.

NAIA National Tournament Quarter Finalist Twice
NAIA National Tournament Round One Once
Midwest Collegiate Conference Champion Three Times
Midwest Collegiate Conference Tournament Champions Twice

During my training sessions for the younger ages, the main element is fun. When they are engaged through excitement, teaching the fundamentals through games and exercises becomes a blast. Dribbling skills, passing, co-ordination and athleticism will be implemented throughout each session.

During the training sessions for the older ages, the finer details of the game will be executed. Development throughout middle school and high school can be tough when they are engaged in so many sports; however engaging in personal training session will be the key to gaining the varsity spot you have dreamed of. Again, passing, ball control, technique, shooting, awareness and of course skills will be implemented throughout every session.

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Client Review Soccer

Just finished two training sessions with Coach Daniel for my daughter and he was great. She enjoyed the sessions and I was surprised how much she learned in only two sessions. Will be booking more sessions with Daniel. Thanks

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