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Training Locations
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  3. Germantown, MD

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1 - One Hour Session
In-Person Training for a single athlete

One hour session with Coach Jones. This initial session will be used as an assessment for me to see where your strengths are as a player and the areas that must be strengthened, IMMEDIATELY. At the end of our session, we... See More

Session Length: 1 hour

$65 1 session + one-time fee

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Two Hour Session
In-Person Training for a single athlete

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  • Hudson Valley Community College (NY)

  • 8 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Wide Receiver, Tight End, Running Back, Quarterback, Offensive Line, Linebacker, Defensive Line, Defensive Back

  • Throwing, Tackling, Special Teams, Route Running, Pass Defense, Jamming, Hand Placement, Footwork, Cutting, Catching, Blocking


  • Hudson Valley Community College (NY)

  • 8 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Wide Receiver, Tight End, Running Back, Quarterback, Offensive Line, Linebacker, Defensive Line, Defensive Back

  • Throwing, Tackling, Special Teams, Route Running, Pass Defense, Jamming, Hand Placement, Footwork, Cutting, Catching, Blocking

More About Coach Cochise

*2020 Update* Congratulations to 2019 Rahz Brand clients Kam, Michael, Bradley, Isaac,Trey and Liam.

Trey - 1st Team All State, 1st Team All Region, 1st Team All District (2nd year playing football) [James Monroe High School]

Kam - MVP QB 2019 Spring League Football (Waldorf MD)

Michael - Top ranked QB in his league (Southern MD)

Liam - First year playing wide receiver, earned playing time on varsity. Overcame a great deal of adversity. Attending college in the Fall.

Bradley - One of the best and most improved players on his team. Was an integral piece in leading his team to the D2 Championship game and Championship victory!

Isaac - *Update Coming!*

My name is Cochise "Cj" Jones. I am a professional football player. I have played internationally in both Portugal and Turkey and have been blessed to do wonders overseas. I was the MVP in Turkey as a rookie leading our team to their first ever championship appearance and championship victory.

In Turkey, I coached the linebackers and running backs primarily. I had a hand in all of the coaching, a team full of professional athletes. Our linebackers led the entire league in tackles, sacks and interceptions finishing as the number one ranked defense in all of Turkey. I also coached the defensive backs and wide receivers. Our defensive backs were all named to the national team and led the league in interceptions securing eight in our very first game of the season.

After Turkey, I signed to a Portugese team and was an MVP front runner leading the team to their first ever 5-0 start in franchise history and number one ranking. I was invited to the BSN NFL combine in Indianapolis due to my efforts in Portugal which brought my tenure to an end early.

I coached the running backs, linebackers, receivers, defensive backs and both the offensive and defensive line. We had the number one ranked defense and had two linebackers named to the national team.

I have also coached at the youth level as the offensive and defensive coordinator ranging from ages 5-7 to 11-14.

CPR/AED Certified. CPT. Rahzbrand.com

My athletic accomplishments go back to the high school level where i was voted as a Delta Sigma Theta Athletic award winner. I was also voted as 1st team All-Cardinal District Wide Receiver while playing for state championship runner up Woodbridge Vikings in Woodbridge, VA.

While in junior college, I was voted by Yahoo Sports! Jcgridiron.com and Rivals as one of the Nations Top All- Purpose Running backs.

In Turkey as a rookie playing professionally, I was blessed to have garnered many accomplishments. Single Season Team records: Most receiving yards individually, Most rushing yards individually, most receiving yards per game average, most rushing yards per game average, most rushing touchdowns in franchise history in a single season, most receiving touchdowns in franchise history in a single season, most kick return yards in a single season, most kick return yards averaged per return, most points scored, most yards per game average (242 yards per game) , most yards in a single season (6 game season - 1,453 total yards), single season touchdown record holder (11 in 6 games), Team MVP. League honors: Rushing yards title, most rushing touchdowns, MVP.

In Portugal during my tenure there I was able to accumulate 1,367 total yards and 13 touchdown in 7 games before heading back to America to attended the BSN National Scouting Combine (NFL). Midseason MVP candidate, Midseason Rushing Yards leader, Midseason Rushing Touchdowns leader.

My primary focus for my athletes is going to first be overall speed. An increase in reaction time and playing speed is what i believe separates great athletes. Improving a players football fundamentals brings about a higher IQ and will happen naturally and strategically. Athletes should expect a detailed "for purpose" reason when training with me and the number one thing is going to be speed, speed, speed. Forty time is going to drop tremendously, short shuttle and game speed. The playing speed will occur due to the increase in overall speed. Must be able to react fast and play faster.

An example session:

Dynamic Warm-UP with SMR
40 yard dash assessment
short shuttle assessment
Lap jog with varying speed
Resistance band exercise for adductors and abductors
Core training
40 yard dash corrective technique

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Client Reviews

Coach CJ works great with my athlete. Understands and focus on his area of weakness. His style allows for targeted training on areas that needs improvement with drills that reinforce those areas.

Definitely recommend Coach CJ!

(no details provided)

Very great coach and or very tune with life and or the game of football.

(no details provided)

Superb! I personally do not know much about football, but my son really liked his technique and wants to continue training 3 days a week with Coach Jones.

(no details provided)

Coach Cochise exhibited and expressed exceptional technical knowledge in the game of football. His passion to teach overflowed at times with great enthusiasm. My 17 year old son felt very comfortable and personable with the Coach Cochise.
Recommended booking Coach Cochise for multiple sessions to build upon initial assessment.

Coach Cochise was a great coach! Great training session.

amazing coach tells u everything ur doing wrong and helps u make it right.


Cochise really pushes me to become the best , he corrects me when I’m wrong instead of letting it slide. He is very positive, supportive, and overall and very amazing trainer.

What I like about Coach CJ is that he is extremely supportive. He corrects mistakes, he’s not just a person that says you did it right the first time when you didn’t. He will tell me when it’s done the right way. He is someone that can be trusted. He taught me a lot more than being a better football player. He taught me that I should believe in myself and others should too. He is a amazing coach. Thank you for all that you did so far with my sessions. You make me the the greatest version of greatness in myself. I will do whatever it takes until I finish all this hard work!!

Amazing experience. Bradley was so excited after their first session and is equally excited to come back.

Coach CJ was excellent. His positive reinforcement got my son to push himself to heights we didn't expect with the first session. After more sessions I believe my son will be faster and more determined to reach his goals. Would definitely recommend coach CJ.

My son had his first season with Coach CJ and from start to finish I could see how quick he was improving. Coach CJ is very energetic and push my son all the way through his training session. Looking forward to seeing my son’s progression as he continues to work with Coach CJ.

(no details provided)

Great coach/trainer! Doing a awesome job with my 8 year old. Does a great job pushing my son to new limits and encourages him along the way...I can already see my sons confidence growing. Cant wait to see my son continue to grow and improve under coach CJ's guidance

Positives CJ Jones is a great athlete but even a better person. He is never taken down first touch and often drags several players with him for extra yardage. CJ is an extremely hard working player and coach, who diligently studies game film of upcoming opponents and assists with game prep. CJ coached RBs and LBs during his time in Mersin and was open to sharing his knowledge to assist in improving the players around him. He works hard on the field and in the weight room. He is an extremely intelligent person and you can see this in his game play and preparation. He is a versatile athlete that played both RB and Slotback for us. Negatives There are no negatives about this player Statistics 6 touchdowns in his first 3 games Over 100 yard per game average. Over 100 yards receiving in games as well. Attitude CJ is extremely positive and willing to learn and enjoy new cultures and languages. He is not a player that sits alone at home. He gets out and enjoys the people. Every time we went out he was getting asked for photos and was very obliging to people. He has to be the most positive person that I have ever coached. He focuses his energy on being positive. Conclusion I would recommend CJ to any team looking at him and I would love to have him join me in the future.
Me and Cochise (Cj) were teammates for the Mersin mustangs for the 2017 season. And it was definitely a pleasure to have him as a brother on the field and off. Cj brings to a team the perfect lead by example mindset, with a great attitude always positive, he never complains he always looks at the bright side of things. Cochise has a vision for every situation he sets foot in and he will make that vision come to light. Hes always happy and smiling until it was time to battle on the field. When he hits the weight room, practice, or game field he is ready to work and do whatever needs to be done to win. Sometimes even helping with game planning. He understands that part of being an import is to teach what he has learned to the other players in the system and help the game grow. Cochise is the ultimate motivator he knows how to help the team or an individual push for that extra effort, it was several times he gave young players that extra motivation to make plays or get on the field. Cj also brings a competitor, he comes to a team with the sole purpose of winning a championship. He doesnt care if thats being a receiver, running the ball, blocking, or being a decoy he is truly an unselfish player. He sets goals for himself and he will stop at nothing to see those goals achieved and surpassed. I loved blocking for Cj because I knew he was giving his all back there and if i did my job he was going to do his. Signing him would bring a talented, hardworking, positive, competitive, God fearing man who anyone would be proud to coach or call a teammate.
Cant explain how he focus for every game and every practice.He is the best import player in europe i have ever seen so far.Not only his football skills but also his personality is perfect out of the field.No matter how bad things happen he leads the team.I'm trying to say everyone can be football player but cj jones is a professional football player.It was a great experience to play with him. Mersin Mustangs Quarterback
Cochise "Cj" Jones - "Offensive Weapon I had the pleasure of sharing the backfield with CJ whilst playing for the 2018 Algarve Sharks. Without any doubt CJs athletic abilities were obvious from day 1, which is firmly backed by his profound knowledge and passion for the game. We were roommates for the duration of the stay in Portugal, and when we were not either in the gym or doing a field workout, CJ would be found meticulously assessing game film of up-coming opponents and devising both offensive, and defensive game plans for the team to move forward in, to great success, and generally aiding in my progression as a QB reading a defence and situational audibles to call. As a player, CJ's impact is immediate, explosive and devastating. In our first game of the season, first play, we had a simple dive called. CJ takes it 60+ yards to the house. You truly feel as any time he touches the ball, he has the ability to turn it into 6, as he not only has the physical skills to make NFL defences miss, but he has already done the amount of film work to know exactly where the green grass is to be found. When lined up at the WR/Slot position, there is no drop off in productivity, as his speed plus route running ability will turn him to a go to WR on any roster. As a person, his positive personality and charisma is truly infectious, and a joy to be around. I firmly believe you will be hard pressed to find a player more dedicated on and off the field, with the Football IQ and playing ability of Mr Jones, and any team looking to sign him, will be signing a player of Championship material. As a QB I honestly felt that with CJ in the backfield with me, there is no team capable of stopping us. Ashley Bailey - QB
I played with CJ in Portugal for the Algarve Sharks during the 2017/18 season. I can safely say that he is one of the best athletes I have ever played with, and also a great person, a team player, and a leader, on and of the field. The way he focus and gets in the "zone" come gameday is incredible, and his energy and intensity during the game are contagious! He also helped me personaly grow a lot as a player, as he is also a great coach. Hit me up anytime if you have a question about Cj.
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