Chris Sinagoga, Madison Heights, MI Strength & Conditioning Coach

Chris Sinagoga

Strength & Conditioning


Owner/head coach with 70+ student athletes ages 3-23. College bball. 9-years coaching exp: basketball, football, track, CrossFit, weightlifting. Consultant with multiple schools. View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
Training Locations
  • Marygrove College (MI)

  • 9 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Weight Loss, Tabata Training, Powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting, Nutrition, CrossFit, Cross Training, Conditioning, Aerobic

  • Upper Body Strength, Speed/ Agility, Snatch, Rehabilitation, Power Clean, Medicine Ball Workouts, Lower body strength, Front Squat, Flexibility, Explosiveness, Deadlift, Core Conditioning, Clean and Jerk, Bench Press, Balance, Back Squat


  • Marygrove College (MI)

  • 9 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Weight Loss, Tabata Training, Powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting, Nutrition, CrossFit, Cross Training, Conditioning, Aerobic

  • Upper Body Strength, Speed/ Agility, Snatch, Rehabilitation, Power Clean, Medicine Ball Workouts, Lower body strength, Front Squat, Flexibility, Explosiveness, Deadlift, Core Conditioning, Clean and Jerk, Bench Press, Balance, Back Squat

More About Coach Chris

My name is Chris Sinagoga, I have been coaching student-athletes at all ages for almost 10 years. I own a strength and conditioning facility that trains mostly student athletes ranging from 3-23 years old, but also includes parents. I currently work with many local schools' sports teams and Phys. Ed. classes. I have coached professional athletes, pre-schoolers, and everything in between.

Aside from my own gym, I currently do coaching at Warren Mott, Stoney Creek, Birmingham Groves, Lamphere, and other high schools and middle schools in the area, as well as The Family AAU Basketball Organization.

I played four years of college basketball, where I was a starting point guard for my final three seasons. Aside from playing basketball in high school, I was an all-League quarterback, and also ran track in the spring. The strength and conditioning principles I teach now are the same ones I followed in high school that helped me excel on the court, field, and track, only the methods have been refined through my coaching experience.

Everything starts with technique; all new athletes will go over the fundamentals of movement develop consistency in their technique. I'll challenge them by safely and gradually adding intensity (speed, load, fatigue, etc.) only until form is lost - at which point we slow down and reinforce the good form. Over time, the athletes will learn to maintain safe, strong form under fatigue.

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Client Reviews

Great coach he helped me with a lot with only so little time and I really appreciate every second of it.

Great session. Coach Chris really emphasizes in-game situations, and I can already see improvements in how I play.

Chris is such a great mentor! My son thoroughly enjoyed his first basketball training. He showed such great respect to the young kids he trains. My son asked to continue working with Chris on a regular basis. We are looking forward to our continued relationship!

Coach Chris was Awesome! It was real Joy watching him work with my son Jack. He really does a wonderful job at making a personal connection with your kid! He's really engaging and fun! I was extremely impressed with how he challenged growth in my son's skills. I would highly recommend Coach Chris! His session was top notch for my boy!!! Thank you coach Chris!!!

Coach Chris was great. He was very accessible for scheduling and communicating. He listened to my goals and helped me work through some drills based on them. We worked on a basketball hoop set up in his CrossFit gym on a concrete floor. He was honest in his assessment and advice for how I should continue working both with him and on my own, which I greatly appreciate. I'd recommend Coach Chris.

Coach Chris was great. He is very oriented to the fundamentals. He introduces the topic, drills, and corrects in a positive way. I liked most that he asked the player first for the drill result to ensure they could explain what they felt went right and wrong. To me this ensures they can self correct when practicing alone.

Coach Chris was awesome! His experience and skill were very helpful to my son! My son really enjoyed his session and can't wait to try the tips and techniques that he learned! Chris is one of a kind and went above and beyond. We would highly recommend Chris and you won't be disappointed! We can't wait to schedule another session. Thank you!

Workouts were good and always high intensity

Coach Chris is awesome! First session with him was great— fixing my form and taking me through a circuit. It was brutal in the best of ways :) Looking forward to working together again!

Great introduction to basic basketball techniques. Personable, and easy to work with.

Coach Chris was awesome! This was my 9 year old son's first one on one coaching experience through this organization. We were looking for a basketball Coach and found much more than that! Coach Chris had us feeling as though he had been knowing us for years. I am a very skeptical parent and from the time we walked through the door Coach Chris made us feel at home. Not only did coach Chris exceed my expectations with the basketball session (techniques), he also went through some conditioning exercises with my son. Coach Chris was able to grasp and keep hold of my son's interest for about an hour through his personable approach. He worked my son hard and my son was truly happy to persevere through it....lol...This has NEVER happened in my experiences in the past with coaches on little league teams etc. My son is actually looking forward to doing the at-home practice assigned by Coach Chris just so he can go back and work with him again. Our experience was worth every dime spent!...#PRICELESS!...Thank you Coach Chris. We appreciate you!

Coach Chris is very good at communicating basic to complex sports concepts with kids. He is very encouraging to his students and we are very happy with our first lesson.

Coach Chris was great with everything. When we first met him he made us feel welcomed. My son felt very comfortable with him and his style of instruction. Chris listened to what my son’s goals were and tailored the session in support of those goals. He taught some techniques that I hadn’t really thought of to help develop solid fundamental ball handling and shooting. My son used those techniques immediately in his intramural school league with positive results. He is eager to schedule another session so that he can keep improving. He even asked me to take him to the Y a couple days this week. I’m looking forward to future sessions and positive growth for my soon in the short term. He needs to be ready for a more competitive league in a couple months and I think we are on the right track with Coach Chris as well as doing some drills and pickup games independently. I would recommend Coach Chris for any young player who wants to get better.

Coach Chris assessed my son's skills and chose the perfect workout based on his needs. His temperament and ongoing feedback with my son while the training was going on was great. I also appreciate his frank post training advice. I would recommend Coach Chris to anyone who wishes to train with him.

Coach Chris was great with my daughter. It is nice to see her working on and improving each day with what coach Chris showed her. Chris was very knowledgeable and professional during the training session. My daughter enjoyed working with Chris and we will be booking more sessions with coach Chris.

We had a great session with Chris. I was really impressed with his knowledge and coaching style. He was able to show my son things in one hour that others have been trying to get him to understand for years. My son had games today and I could already see the difference it had made in his ability to attack off the dribble. Thank you!

For the first session, Coach Chris analyzed my son's developmental level and then worked off of that. He taught and new skills and refined the ones he already had. Right off the bat he's made marked improvement in his ball handling. An added bonus was that the end of the session important conditioning was implemented. My son looks forward to future sessions.

Chris was great with my son. Very attentive as well as patient. He gave him some great drills that he can work on at home. We look forward to working with him in the future.

Awesome session with coach Chris!! In an hour Ethan looked skills that he was able translate on the court. He also learned proper stretching techniques and finished with some excellent conditioning. We’ll be taking more sessions with Chris!

(no details provided)

(no details provided)

Coach Chris was Great
I (Jalens Mom)appreciate him working patiently on each drill with my son and making sure he mastered the drill before moving on.
Thanks Coach Chris

Coach Chris was great with my son. He listened and showed real interest in what my son had to say and wanted to work on. They worked together on some offensive moves, and my son actually used what Chris taught him in his game the next day. We will keep working with Chris and I would definitely recommend him! Great coach.

Coach Chris is an Awesome coach. He taught my daughter some great fundamental basketball techniques that she was able to apply immediately after her first session. She is looking forward to her next session. For anyone looking to achieve their best results ever, I would recommend Coach Chris!

Very Helpful

I Highly recommend Coach Chris! He’s A Great Trainer

(no details provided)

Coach Chris was great, very helpful and great instruction.

Chris is fantastic. I was so impressed with the work he did with my son in the first session, that we came back the very next day to get in another one. I was hoping that he could work with my son on being stronger with the basketball and improving defensively, and Chris did a great job of focusing on those areas in our first two sessions. He also integrated in some fitness work that helps on the basketball court but also applies well beyond that. Chris really understands the balance between pushing and encouraging, and I was excited to see how my son responded to that. He even spent some time after the second session talking through defensive principles with me so I could understand how to better implement them with my team. Most importantly, my son is excited about coming back next week and getting more work in. Thank you, Chris!

My sons first session with Chris was outstanding. He had drills ready and monitored what he needed to work on.

Great techniques! Works on fundamentals to ensure they are perfect. Has great workouts definitely recommend!

Chris provides excellent drills. His basketball knowledge is fundamentally sound. Furthermore he is patient and kind yet pushes each child to succeed. Great coach!

Great Lesson for my 9 year old. We will definitely be continuing. He was on time, engaging and knowledgeable.

So far so good! Chris definitely understands that fundamentals are the key to success... this is what he offers in his teachings! Looking forward to continued growth with Coach Chris

Chris is a great coach, he very detail as far as showing and telling my son what he needs to improve on. He Was very Patient With Me SON And Has A Very Good Understanding Of His game. I would definitely work with coach chris again.

(no details provided)

Just had are 2nd training session our son is learning a lot looking forward to continue working with Coach Chris

Chris is a good coach .Who works on techniqueand building the skills to help the kids make it To the school team

I started CrossFit in 2008 after I saw Chris Sinagoga following CrossFit programming in the Bishop Foley weight room. I spent the next half decade of my life drinking the CrossFit cool-aid, doing competitions, judging competitions, visiting CrossFit gyms wherever I went, going to the games and spending countless hours on CrossFit affiliated websites. Six years later, here I am finally home from school for one summer and I made the obvious decision to workout with Chris and his gang at the Champions Club. I confidently say that CrossFit Athletic Group is one of the most competent gyms(CrossFit, weightlifting, globo, or any other style of gym) currently open for business. I say this because this gym teaches an athlete how to move. Human movement is an awesome thing, and learning the correct way to move has allowed me to behave like an athlete(something hard to find in a CrossFit gym). I can apply this to every physical activity I undertake. The family here is more than welcoming and the coaching is spot on. I can always count on the coaches to let me know when my movement deviates from the expected. I had encountered injuries and tweaks in the past, but since I've been at CrossFit Athletic Group, my injuries have subsided and my fitness has noticeably increased.
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