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Carl R.

Certified basketball coach and fitness expert


Rochester, NY





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Qualified_coach_badge Qualified Private Coach

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Adults, Kids, Teenagers

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No, only 1-on-1


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60 minutes

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Not Included

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Design and implement personalised exercise and diet programs targeting specific conditions and concerns including obesity, arthritis and high cholesterol
Recruit and retain clients
Counsel members about fitness, exercise, health and injury management
Run group fitness classes
Provide weight-lifting, treadmill and other fitness apparatus instruction
Ensure the safety of all members and clients
Ensure all gym equipment is maintained
Advised on common sport and exercise related injuries
Assess clients’ fitness on a monthly basis


Monitored a group of over 50 deconditioned individuals who lost 7-10 per cent body fat under my supervision
Implemented an active older adult Resistance training program, to help members to increase bone density, and muscle mass, Balance, coordination, promoting Activitities of daily Living.
Healjthy lifestyle Coach, where I provided information on ways to control food intake, read labels, understand the issues with sodium, and sugar. Provided a service which has help over 50 people understand their calorie needs, to prevent Hypertension and Diabetes.


Served customers and provided information regarding membership, facilities, timetable and so on
Maintained client membership details
Co-ordinated group fitness classes and timetables
Monitored the overall maintenance of the club
Assisted with all promotional and marketing campaigns

In 2010 I was Certified thru The University of New York Youth Sports Institute.

I am an advent Basketball player, and since being certified, I went on to Coach three 3] youth basketball team within a two[2] year period. Our second year we went on to compete in the championship in the AAU league. Coaching also for the YMCA youth basketball team. Which also made it to the Championship and won.

All beginning sessions will begin with an assessment of the athletes current abilities. Once I have established athlete weaknesses and goals, we will proceed on to a 5 minute warm up, then some stretching and abs, getting the body prepared for the onslaught to come.
For example: Basketball player seeking to gain more elevation on his vertical.. Use plyometric boxes, accelerator bands, and agility ladder. , culminated with calisthenics in a specified sequence.

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