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I am Antonio Houston and I have been training others for 6 years from the ages of 7 to 25, which has allowed me to develop skills that will lead to my success in coaching. View all coaching experience

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Training Locations
  1. Rutherford, NJ
  2. Paramus, NJ
  3. Ho-Ho-Kus, Ho Ho Kus, NJ

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10 session package with Coach Antonio. 60 minute session length

Session Length: 1 hour

$600 10 sessions ($60/ea) + one-time fee

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1 session package with Coach Antonio. 60 minute session length

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  • Felician College (NJ)

  • 4 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Guard, Forward, Center

  • Rebounding, Moving Without the Ball, Shooting, Reading the Floor, Post Moves, Pick and Roll, Passing, Footwork, Defense, Ball Handling, Attacking the Rim, Agility


  • Felician College (NJ)

  • 4 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Guard, Forward, Center

  • Rebounding, Moving Without the Ball, Shooting, Reading the Floor, Post Moves, Pick and Roll, Passing, Footwork, Defense, Ball Handling, Attacking the Rim, Agility

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More About Coach Antonio

My experience and knowledge as a coach/trainer has by far been the most wonderful experience I've come across. I began training in the year of 2013 when I was about 18 years of age, I trained many kids at different levels such as elementary in the year of 2014; as well as middle school. In the years of 2015 to presently I've been working with high school students as well as college students; helping them take there game and turning it into the best one possible. I further on got the chance to learn and train with many experienced individuals in the years of 2013-2016. Some of the individuals were known as Justin Zormelo who is known for the trainer of Kevin Durant, Rajon Rondo, and Andrew Wiggins. I also got the opportunity to work with Kevin Graham, who in which trained many people in the league such as Trey Burke, John Wall, Dion Waiters and many more talented players. The trainers in who I have worked with are known as trainers to help you improve your skills, by taking them to another level. Working with so many talented people has given me the opportunity to learn from them by, using them in my further career as a coach. I would say that my experience has droven me to many known places such as Gauchos, Felician University, St. Anthony's High School, Terminal 23 and many other facilities. Therefore, I would have to say that as a coach I can give children that push, courage, as well as the knowledge needed to up in there game.

I began my basketball journey in 2004 at the early ages of 9, playing for a little league team by the name of "The Heats." Later on helping me continue with my dreams of playing high school basketball in the year of 2010, at St. Anthony's High school. This school was known to be the number one school in the nation for basketball. Playing high school basketball at St.Anthony's allowed me to be apart of two state championships in the years of 2011,2012. Moreover, I attended Felician University known as Division 2. Hence, I was then given the opportunity to continue my dreams in playing for the NCAA College Basketball. Playing college basketball allowed me to further more play in pro league, Hoopsville Pro-am in which is where I continued my dream of playing pro ball. As I currently consider myself the best player I can be I now hope that I can teach young boys and girls how to achieve there dreams with skills and knowledge.

As a trainer, my clients would specifically be able to handle any challenge thrown at them on the court. My main focus when working with clients is mentally preparing them to be able to handle the game. Some of the hands on skills would be focusing on how to manage your change of speed, ball handling, improving shooting skills. Further, helping them on there foot work which touches back to everything listed. Therefore, would be some of the many things I would focus on with my clients.

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Client Reviews

was very patient and chill, knows a lot about footwork

Wow, what a really good first workout. I was not expecting what my daughter received. Coach Antonio is very good at what he does. He took the time to work the drills properly. Worked on my daughters shooting form. Gave her hints on what to do next. Gave her the information she needs to practice on her own until the next session. Thank you so much Coach.

(no details provided)

Antonio was very personable and knowledgeable. He worked with me, not just telling me what to do.

First let me say that I tell it like it is when it comes to speaking about quality of service.
But in this case and since it was my son who was the one working out with Antonio, I'll just tell you what my son said.
"Dad from here on out, I don't want to train with no-one other then Coach Antonio"!

I personally have had other trainers and coaches workout with my son and saw first hand the bad habits they were teaching him and/or lack of attention to notice his faults.

Antonio picked that up right away and said "The first thing we will be working on is getting rid of those bad habits".

Thanks Antonio and my son can't wait for his next session.

Is an excellent coach at what he does. I brought my son to train with him and I loved his session and so, did my son. We would definitely recommend him.

(no details provided)

Great 1st session with Toni.

Coach Antonio was exactly what I was looking for. Recommend highly!!

(Update) Our son has been working with Coach Tony for a couple months now and we can see a big improvement! He shows great patience and doesn't just skip from drill to drill. He makes sure the skill being worked on is perfected. We look foward to have him train our son.

After our son's 1st session with Coach Tony we feel that we made the right selection for our son. He pinpointed some area's in our son's game that he feels he can improve. We're confident that he'll continue to improve with hard work and Coach Tony's expertise. We're looking forward to our future sessions!

Ok.. Where do I begin? I’ve been searching for coaches for my son who is 10 for quite some time. I’ve sent him to different programs, basketball instructors etc. For some reason or another they just never seemed to be a good fit. We finally came across Coach Tony on the Coach Up website. For starters he is one of the most professional, polite, and respectable individuals that I’ve have met. With regards to coaching and teaching basketball, he is extremely patient with my son who is at the very beginning stages of basketball fundamentals. He takes his time to make sure that my son is doing his drills correctly. He makes the most out of the session and my son is very engaged. I’m so thankful to have finally met someone that my wife, son and I have found to help our son improve. I would recommend Coach Tony to anyone trying to help their child get better at the game of basketball or any individuals just looking to improve for themselves. He is truly one of a kind and a Great Instructor!!!

Coach Antonio is very reliable and a great communicator. He understands and breaks down well what needs to be worked on and has the tools to help. My son is motivated even more and looks forward to the sessions every week.

Great personality, very informative, worked very well with my son. We look forward to having more sessions with him. See you soo

(no details provided)

Great coach and excellent session for improving my sons’s skills!

(no details provided)

Great first session! Look forward to the next one.

(no details provided)

Coach Tony was the perfect fit coaching my son who is 9. He was very mellow but pushed him when he needed to get that extra out of him. In just four sessions my son's handle has gotten exponentially better. Thanks Coach!

Coach Antonio is an amazing coach. He really pushes you when you feel like you can’t push anymore. I had one lesson so far and I feel like there is so much I can learn from him. I recommend him to anyone who want to push themselves to the next level!

Coach Antonio, is a great coach, he is great at communicating what your doing wrong and correcting the problem. Also, he is good at noticing your footwork, he keep working with you until you get it right. I definitely recommend coach Antonio to anyone.👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

My brother really liked the drills. He is already improving with his technique, and will continue to practice. He is looking forward to having more sessions.

Coach Antonio is a great coach my son didn’t even finish his first week with him and got told me that he is seeing more improvements

Coach Antonio has a strong passion for helping athletes get to the next level, and achieve their goals and dreams today’s training was very intense but fun and very informative. I will defiantly train more with Coach A and Can’t wait to See the end results Thanks again.

Coach Antonio was great! He was patient with my kids and challenged them - which is key in improving their skills. He corrected their form when needed and encouraged them with positive reinforcement. Both of my kids listened to him attentively and really liked him as a coach. Coach Antonio trains at a level that you feel will improve your game
I highly recommend him.

Coach Antonio really helped me with my game on the first lesson. He helped me keep control of the ball with both of my hands, he helped me with my shooting, and get my fakes and plays right. He points things out in full detail that really helps.

Coach Tony was patient and didn’t give up on any sets. He would point out your mistakes and make sure you do your drills correctly. I plan to come back as soon as possible. His sessions are worth every penny.

Thank you Antonio. Lior enjoyed his lesson today and will work on your recommendations

Had an awesome experience with coach Tony! He was able to easily spot the weaknesses in my game and zoned in on those to help improve. He remained super constructive and encouraging throughout the session. Even after our first hour together, I already see large improvements. Can't wait for our next session!

Today, my son had his very first session with coach Antonio. I really enjoy it. Coach Antonio is very dynamic. Not only is he knowledgeable of the game but he's able to teach it with ease. I just signed for an additional 10 sessions. I strongly recommend him. My son liked him very much.

Very patient coach, taught me lots of basic skills but helpful. even though this is my first course, but i believe i can improve a lot in the foreseen future.

Antonio has been great with my daughter! She looks forward to going to training sessions with him! He is so knowledgeable and patient. He clearly explains everything That he expects her to do! He truly is making her love the game. She will come home and is eager practice all of the skills he is teaching her. One major thing he has instilled in her is to have confidence! We will definitely be scheduling many more sessions with him!

Tony is Strong!

My son who is 16 and has played basketball for his school and travel teams really enjoyed his first training session with Antonio whom he says is knowledgeable, patient and supportive. He is looking forward to continuing his personalized training with Antonio.

My son had a great session with coach Antonio. He covered many important aspect in one session, technical, physical, and mental training. He had an excellent training session.

Today I brought my son Owen to train with Antonio. I have to say that I was beyond impressed and look forward to having my son train more with him. The drills were great but also the way he encouraged and pushed Owen was great! As I said I am very happy with the way things went and look forward to more sessions in the future.

Coach Antonio is very good with young athletes as I saw his techniques are geared to them and they are very receptive.

He is a good coach. Pushes you to work hard. He has good coaching techniques. He pointed the mistakes I was doing when handling the ball, and showed me the proper way to do it.

Coach Houston was Great! Excellent communication when scheduling session and a Fantastic Trainer. My son enjoyed every second of his training session and couldn’t stop talking about it on the way home. We are already looking forward to future sessions. 5 Stars!!!

The session was tough but worth every dollar I spent coach Antonio covered every aspect he was very patient with me and nice to me I recommend him to all basketball players that want to increase there game I’m looking forward to my next session with coach Antonio

Antonio is a great coach he has a lot of drills to improve your skills and has the patience to teach children. As soon as I saw him deal with my son I knew I made the right choice. My son and I both feel comfortable working with him. I recommend him highly to improve skills.

Great workout works on all your weaknesses and motivates you to keep on going and not get comfortable always pushes you to do better

Coach Antonio did a great job with my 11 year old. I watched the whole session and was instantly impressed with his techniques. My son said he already felt much better after just one session and I could see his confidence grow. I would recommend Coach Antonio to any parent looking to get additional basketball training for their child.

Coach Antonio, was great showing and explaining each workout to me. He helped me push through and help me improve each and every drill. I would definitely recommend Coach Antonio to other athletes looking to improve their skills , and look forward to our next training session.

01/28: Thanks again coach for the tough workout. I felt as though I was being pushed passed my limits to take that next step in getting better. Each time I have learned something new, and shown something else I can work on in order to have an edge during a game. Speed, control, and making shots is how ill get to the next level and you are definitely helping with each and more.

My son is learning so much from Coach Antonio! His patience and positive attitude has given my son the confidence he needed to play the game. He still needs practice so Coach Antonio has a permanent student!!

My daughter Giselle had her first training session with Coach Antonio and it went great. Coach Antonio did a great job. My daughter is very shy and he made her feel very comfortable. He started with the fundamentals and I can tell that she will learn a lot from Coach Antonio. Looking forward to many more sessions.

(no details provided)

Coach Antonio was a great coach! At times where I was tired he pushed me to keep going. He is very motivational! He doesn't waste time at all. He really knows how to find and attack your weaknesses. Coach Antonio has you do great effective ball handling, and small, move combos to blow by defenders and finish at the rim. He has a sharp eye and can spot out small things your doing wrong that really effects aspects of the game. In my first session I really learned a lot of things that effect the skill of my game, from footwork to the process of shooting the ball and the way of shooting the ball. The drills he uses I have never done before. One thing I really like from my first session is that coach Antonio doesn't only use basketballs for his drills, he uses other equipment to and he trains indoor. If your looking for a coach, you should go to him.

I've been looking for the right coach for a long time. I found him! My sons first session today with Antonio was great! Schuyler can't wait to go back. I could already see that Schuyler is going to learn a lot working with Antonio.

Coach did a great job with my son 1st basketball session. I was impressed with his patience and basketball acumen. Coach went through the fundamentals with my son (foot movement, dribbling skills and shooting the basketball). Looking forward to more coached up session with Coach Tony!!

I am really happy with our first experience. Antonio have exceeded my expectations and developed good report with my 11 year old son. He didn't waste any time. I am not an expert in basketball but I knew that my son needed someone to help him get rid of bad habits and improve his skills. Antonio had my son working hard and gave him good pointers. At the beginning during a warm up he was able to asses my son's skills and took it from there. After one hour session besides seeing the exhaustion on my son's face I could see the drive and excitement about new skills he has learned.
The only suggestion I could give for Antonio is to give his students a homework to work on until next session. Definitely motivational tool that every parent and a child is looking for.

I am looking forward to more sessions with Antonio
Here is my son's evaluation of his new coach 😊:

Name: Antonio - Enthusiastic, Nice,
Skills: Dribbling, shooting and good at making moves/drills like under legs then shoot

Easy at first then gets harder
Do not miss foul shots or run back and forward

Dribbling: he puts a lot of hard work into the dribbling. Sometimes I made a mistake or it would slip but I want it to be so that I do everything correct.

Shooting: Now with the shooting is really good because he puts a lot of effort into it with skills/drills witch helps with the form,strength and timing with shooting

Coach Antonio was great with my son. He can't wait for his next session.

Coach Antonio is a great coach and really knows what he's doing! Antonio works on actual game related techniques which will build self-inner confidence which will translate in games. I highly recommend him as a trainer.

I really can’t say how great full I am for chosing Antonio as a coach 5 minutes into the session I was pleased on how the lesson started after the whole hour of class I wished I chose him earlier .. I would highly recommend that if your interested in his service that you don’t look anywhere else ..

5 minutes into the session I knew I made the right decision by signing up with Coach Antonio. My son is shy until he gets to know you, but Coach was able to connect with him. Coach Antonio pushed him in the drills while giving him the confidence and motivation to keep going. This is exactly what my son needs to get him to the next level.

Excellent coach. Highly recommended.

Great coach recommended

tony was the first trainer i ever hired to help me workout. after a few sessions with him i felt my skills enhance and take off to another level. i feel that I've always been a good player but the workouts with tony actually helped me apply my skills directly to my game. normally people workout on things without a purpose but the drills that tony put me through immediately translated to my game and has helped me get a better offensive feel for the sport. id recommend him to everybody 10/10 times
This week of the workout was great I gained strength and mobility while I was on the court training with Tony. My quickness developed as well. My shot has been more consistent as I have trained with Tony .
my first workout with tony was excellent. I got better in such a small period of time. I would definitely suggest Tony to be a trainer for everyone. the motivation that he shows his client is awesome. Any area of basketball that you need help in tony is the guy
Tony was the man when helping me get right for basketball. he always pushes me to be faster, stronger, and better. we got stronger in the weight room. then after on the court, he taught me how to use my speed to my advantage. the thing that sets tony aside from other trainers is that he grinds with us. i would absolutely recommend tony to anyone that is looking to excel in basketball
Tony's workouts have helped me in many ways. i feel that I've grown more confident as a player through his workouts and motivation. he has gave me insight into my game and has helped me to be a better scorer and leader.
Coach Antonio is a great coach. He isn't a regular coach who just wants to see you improve on shooting, he loves to work on fundamentals which improved my game. He does a lot of great drills which improve your ball handling skills, your speed, and also your overall basketball IQ. His love for the game makes you want to push even harder when he's working you out. Overall great coach and I would definitely recommend him to everyone.
Antonio is the best trainer I've ever had he is really hands on with his training. He really improved my game and I would recommend him to everyone.
Antonio is a wonderful trainer he helped me to become a better defense of player, he also helped me become a better shooter, and better ball handler I love the way he train he is very hands on with his workouts.
Antonio is a great trainer he really helped me with my game and took it to another level as a player on the court and off the court. He increased my hands speed, my jump shoot, and skills level.
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