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  • University of Southern California (CA)

  • 15 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course

  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Volley, Topspin, Slice, Serve, Point Strategy, Lob, Forehand, Footwork, Drop Shot, Backhand


  • University of Southern California (CA)

  • 15 years

  • Qualified Private Coach
    Passed Coach Course


  • Adults, Kids, Teenagers

  • Volley, Topspin, Slice, Serve, Point Strategy, Lob, Forehand, Footwork, Drop Shot, Backhand

More About Coach A.b.s.

I teach BOUTIQUE personalised tennis lessons at Tennis Lessons LA out of Los Angeles areas. I compete in various OPEN tournaments in the Greater Los Angeles areas.I have many titles, awards and distinctions. I have had various celebrity clients as well. In a nutshell, I provide regular private sessions, cardio tennis sessions, fat burning regimens, fitness protocols, kids programs, couples and families mini-group lessons, tournament training, a viable alternative to gym workouts, USTA league improvement, beginners- advanced tennis skill enhancement, long term health goals assistance and a lot lot more..

I play a LOT of OPEN level men's tournaments in the Greater Los Angeles areas. I've won various titles like ' Los Angeles Tennis Players Association ' LATPA ' Top Dog' Men's Singles Championships Sept 2012, Champion LATPA Mixed Doubles Aug 2011 , Runners Up in Arroyo Seco Tennis Club South Pasadena Men's Singles Summer Tournament 2012 , 5.0 United States Men's Tennis Association Men's Singles Champion in California State University Northridge Dec 2012.

I follow a holistic system of tennis teaching encompassing a few facets of the mind, body & spirit. A typical on-court lesson with me will start off with about 2-3 minutes of yoga'esque stretching to enhance flexibility on-court & also reduce chances of post lesson muscular soreness.We will then continue with approx. 5 mins of on-court jogging, directional side stepping & back-stepping to aerobically warm up the body & gear up for the upcoming court play.It will be followed by a core program of intense & systematic tennis tutoring. Beginners can expect to kick off with the correct tennis grips & the precise swing technique. For them , we will start out with the learning process by having the student hit balls keeping the correct technique in mind.

Initially,balls might be hand-fed by me from the same side of the court as he/she is standing to focus on the correct racquet technique including swing , hand-eye coordination, footwork etc & make sure the student is completely on track, & then racquet-fed from the opposite side of the court acoss the net.

Intermediates to start off with, can initially expect a small on-court ball rally with me for me to diagnose any small faults in the areas of their grip, swing technique, hand-eye coordination or footwork which're keeping them from playing consistent & effective tennis. I will then suggest appropriate fixes for those & we will try them out on the tennis court . If & assuming they work, we will proceed to 'ingrain' them into the student's technique. This will be done by focussed repetition of the correct technique in question , to try to build 'muscle memory' for the suggested fix & root out the incorrect one.

Advanceds can expect, besides all of this ,a small initial insight into on-court strategy & competitive match play scenarios...
For them, we will focus on a Open Stance Technique, analysing the quality & depth of groundstrokes, improving hand - eye coordination further , using approach shots effectively , maximising net play to 'kill off' points, introducing variations in serve including slicer,kick,powermax & mucch much more.

A gradual 5 min 'cool down' to return to the physical base state, will culminate our tennis session, where I'll also welcome thoughts about the lesson & answer questions & entertain future scheduling info.

Besides all of the above, for regular students, i will gradually introduce 'medicine ball' drilling & on-court cone marker placements for 'directional drilling'. In brief, these will be geared to gradually but systematically raise the level of your play... Wouldn't you like to have your friends start groaning at your untouchable shots whizzing past their ears in your play sessions with them ! ;-) The regular lessons will achieve that & much much more !

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Client Reviews

I truly enjoyed the session! It’s a combination of technical and mindful practice! Got some practical tips to improve my forehand. Look forward to our next sessions.

His teaching style is very easy to grasp and what I like most about the lessons are the great tips that enhance my footwork and racket strokes! What I find helpful is that he is patient and I get to work on the areas that need improvement
After not playing for thirty years, I started lessons again with Abs, and I couldn't be happier. Abs has a special communicative gift in which he is able to convey instruction with just a few words. While other teachers talk incessently, Abs explains, and then you do it. He can refine technique in minutes and has taken my game from 0-60 mph (actually more like 40 mph.) in eight lessons. Never have I had a teacher that has encouraged such results in so short amount of time. I highly recommend this most excellent teacher, coach and compassionate human being
Abs's focus is on making you a tennis winner. He keeps things easy and to-the-point, and has the patience of a saint - very good for those of us who were just starting out , or hadn't exercised in a while. (Believe me on this, I tested it out..) Lessons with Abs is quality instruction time. He's a professional who cares about students' progress, and wants to see you reach your goals quickly. That alone is enough to put him above many pros. Work hard with Abs, practice, do what he says, and you'll see a big improvement in your game. See everybody on the courts!
Abs is not only a great tennis player but is also a great instructor. He is the kind of instructor that focusses on one stroke in each lesson instead of trying to teach everything in 1 lesson. He has a very positive and relaxed personality which makes each lesson more and more fun. His mission is always leave a good impression on tennis and to make sure the student has fun before anything else
I started picking up a racket about 1 year ago, trying to learn how to play tennis. After taking recreation courses and playing with friends, my game clearly wasn't where I wanted it to be (not even close!). So, I decided to give Abs a try. In a matter of a few hours, I gained more skill than I had in an entire year! Abs has a great sense of humor and keeps things fun and productive. Best of all, I clearly saw me and my friend's game improve with each lesson. If you want to learn to play modern tennis or have your game refined, I highly recommend lessons with Abs!
Abs is truly my tennis savior! I learned more about tennis in one single lesson from him than I have my entire year playing on the Junior Varsity team at school. Now I know about a form that I didn't know about previously and which grip to use for different swings. My teammates even noticed how my skills improved (after only a few lessons). Abs is a very patient, knowledgeable, encouraging, friendly, and enthusiastic instructor. I highly recommend him! As a matter of fact, my brother even decided to take lessons from Abs after he could see what I could do. We've enjoyed every lesson with him so far and know that you will too !
As Abs promises, his on-court teaching philosophy genuinely works: "Systematic without being compulsive & methodical without being inflexible..." These are just the words that convinced me to try Tennis Lessons LA, and since beginning lessons this Spring, I can truly attest to not only the results, yet joy, that Abs brings to personalized tennis instruction. With his acute focus on "Where a player is" versus "What a player wishes to achieve with his or her game," the level of patience and personalized dedication you'll experience with Abs is life-enhancing, in results, with the best part being that as serious as the lessons are, laughter on the court is a valuable part of the learning curve, too.
I am returning to tennis after a thirty-five year hiatus and it has been great to have Abs as my instructor. The lessons are clear, challenging, exhausting, and most of all, enjoyable ! Abs is patient and encouraging—what more could you ask for?
Abs is a great teacher and an awesome guy. He is easy to get along with and a fun person. Having a great personality, he is easy to understand and gets to the point. I am learning topspin faster than I ever thought I could with Abs. We get along great and I always look forward to his lessons !
As a beginning tennis player I was looking for an instructor who would have the patience and skills necessary to shape and mold a rather strong willed guy like myself. I found all that and more in Abs . His approach is measured, methodical and confident. From not knowing which end of the racquet to hold, Abs has quickly brought me to a much greater understanding of the game and its many subtleties. I'm looking forward to continuing my instruction with him for much time to come.
I had been out of practice with my game and had some things I wanted to work on when I contacted Abs . He has been able to focus in on my weaknesses and has been very supportive of the parts of my game that are working well. He has a very calm and confident manner that puts you at ease and allows you to feel that you will succeed.His e-newsletters always seem to be pertinent to what I’m going through on any given week, it’s as if he tailors them for me after each session. This guy really gets the inner game of tennis..I’d recommend him highly (and have) for anyone looking to improve their game at any level.
I spotted Abs's ad and decided to see what lessons could do for me. I had a lot to learn. My only prior tennis instruction was in a high school summer program many many years ago. I didn't realize it but in my case I needed to learn everything starting with how to hold the racquet properly. (Yup, I wasn't even doing that right!) Well I've been taking twice a week lessons from Abs for several months now and I'm amazed at the tremendous improvement that his teaching and drilling have accomplished. Abs's method of combining friendly, calm, patient instruction with lots and lots of hitting has made a huge impact on my tennis ability. Practice alone won't make perfect, it takes PROPER practice! If you want a better tennis game, give the tennis doctor a try! Its working for me!
Amazed by how simple changes can make such a difference! Had lessons with professionals before who make things so complicated... not with Abs: easy, it works and above all I have so much fun!! Best tennis lessons ever !
Abs' patient, intuitive approach makes for productive and rewarding lessons. His emphasis on modern, open-stance topspin technique will give you all the tools to contend with any opponent. Highly recommended!
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