The Best Athlete Commercials of All-Time

The Best Athlete Commercials of All-Time

In the spirit of this year's Super Bowl, we've put together a sampling of our favorite athlete commercials of all-time! From Peyton Manning to Stephen Curry and everything in between, it was massively difficult to sort through our vast options, but thanks to some of our great employees and coaches, we were able to widdle it down to our top ten!

10. Arnold Palmer drinks Arnold Palmer

I mean, c'mon. Iconic.

9. The Cage

The production value on soccer commercials during the early 2000's was out-of-control and this one, aptly titled The Cage, fits the bill perfectly. Instead of marketing a new shoe or shirt, Nike just loaded up on a ton of the world's best soccer players -- Ronaldinho, Thierry Henry, Francesco Totti, etc -- and let them go crazy on the field. What results is a jaw-dropping ad even decades later.

8. Cam Newton for PLAY 60

Cam Newton? Check. Adorable kid? Yup. Encouraging athletes to get outside and play every day? Now you're talkin' our language.

7. Uncle Drew

In this spot, Kyrie Irving goes uncover to punk some teenage basketball players while wearing makeup that makes him look old. The premise sounds simple but the result is oh-so-satisfying -- don't forget, athletes come in all shapes, sizes, and ages!

6. Derrick Coleman


Here's another powerful commercial, this time from Duracell. Originally aired during one of the Seattle Seahawks' playoff runs, Derrick Coleman recounts his adventure through life and football as a legally deaf athlete. No matter how times they told him to quit and give up, Coleman persevered. His reward? He's now a Super Bowl champion.

Worth it.

5. LeBron James' Together

For once, we got a commercial that wasn't pushing a product -- instead, it's about a city-wide emotion about coming together and working towards our goals. And, in the end, that's something we can all get behind. 

4. Thank You, Mom

When everybody caught this commercial for the first time during the 2016 Rio Olympics, it knocked our socks off. At CoachUp, we're invested in the whole process from athlete to coach to the parent behind the scenes making it all happen. For as long as this planet is playing sports, this commercial will have an undeniable impact on those that watch it.

3. Bo Knows

In this classic commercial, we've got the multi-talented Bo Jackson playing more sports than usual. From racecar driving to golfing, this gave us a glimpse into a future where Jackson thrived at more than just baseball and football. And, hey, if he's going have an English accent, we'd watch him compete at anything.

2. Write The Future

Full of baby-faced versions of our heroes, the likes of Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo deal with the tough task of writing their own future. Through events both good and bad, we see the celebration and fallout of their skills for the countries and, at large, the world. Come for the poetic artfulness, stay for the shots of Tim Howard and Landon Donovan!

1. Larry Bird vs. Michael Jordan

It's pretty tough to top two of the best basketball players of all-time going toe-to-toe on the court in a game of H-O-R-S-E. They recently recreated the commercial with Dwight Howard and LeBron James, but it's just not as classic as the original. When in doubt, go with Larry Legend and Air Jordan -- you'll thank us later.


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