The 2015 CoachUp Roundup

What a year. 2015 brought so much to CoachUp and our extended family - YOU, our athletes, parents, and coaches. This past year has reminded us how lucky we are to have such an outstanding group of people who make CoachUp what it is today. We'd like to thank everyone for their dedication in helping athletes achieve success both on and off of the playing field.

We'd also like to extend a big thank you for bearing with us  as we continue to better the CoachUp experience for our community. As with most new companies, there have been some growing pains. We believe there's always room for improvement and that applies to our business too; we appreciate your patience and understanding as we push to take CoachUp to another level.

Here's some of the highlights of our year in case you missed it:

CoachUp Welcomes Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry is arguably one of the most talented and well known professional athletes in the world, with an upstanding personality and character to boot. Any company would be lucky to have him as a spokesman. We're ecstatic Stephen joined the CoachUp ranks not only because having the hottest sports superstar is amazing in its own right, but because Stephen truly represents the ethos of CoachUp. He has been working with private basketball coaches since he was 13 years old. We couldn't ask for a better person to represent our brand.

If you haven't seen our Stephen Curry: Actions Speak Louder Than Words video, check it out:

CoachUp MVP Awards

This year marked our first annual CoachUp MVP Awards, given to our most outstanding coaches nominated by parents and athletes. We then left it to our entire community to vote on the category winners.

Most Motivational

Winner: Coach Kashif Reyes

Nomination: “My 12 year old daughter previously had a coach that did not support her at all. She loved the game but hated to go to games or practices because she knew she would be sitting on the sidelines. Since she has been going to Coach Kash, her love for the game has returned. She is stronger and more confident then ever. Instead of sitting on the sidelines, she is in the game scoring and assisting others to score. We owe this to Coach Kash!!!”

Most Impactful

Winner: Coach Chase Wickham

Nomination: “Our son has been playing soccer for about 10 years now. We have met many, coaches in my son’s career, but Coach Chase stands way above the rest. Not only has Coach Chase been an incredible soccer coach technically from day one, but he is a person of great character as well. When we met Coach Chase, we could immediately see his true love for soccer. Each and every session he naturally teaches with his heart and is excited to see his student get to the next level technically. He makes soccer fun and exciting with his “world records” challenges that help each student to strive to beat other player’s times. Coach Chase comes in with a plan and follows up almost immediately with a detailed report of the session for the parent. There is no question that he wants true success for his student. Since Coach Chase has played soccer professionally, he has an amazing knowledge of the game and he also has the wonderful gift of teaching as well. To have both of these qualities is a rare find in a coach. Coach Chase is extremely responsive not only to his students, but to the parents as well. We cannot say enough about Coach Chase. We have recommended him to so many of our friends because we see his true talent, and the sprit he possesses goes beyond words. We are so happy that we found Coach Chase.”

Most Innovative Training Methods

Winner: Coach Ryan Patterson

Nomination: “Coach Ryan has an innate ability to come up with creative and innovative methods to improve my skills on the court. I have trained with multiple coaches but haven’t had one with this capability. This helps me develop skills and also implement them independently. An example of this is suicides with dribbling. It sounds simple, but coach Ryan had me touch the close and far free throw, half court, and baseline lines, and on the way back, he played defense on me. This helped me on my transition offense game but also with handling and deliberate movement to get by him. This really challenged me and felt like I was competing in a real game. Another example is defensive slides when coming off a screen. He had me run one line of the paint, pivot, defensive slide across the free throw line, pivot again, then hustle and come around to the elbow for a jump shot. This put me in a simulation of coming off screens for a mid range jump shot. Being a shooter, it is an imperative skill to have in my reperotire and I heavily developed it. These are few examples of Coach Ryan’s training methods and I feel that I have gotten to a different level because of it.”

Goes Above and Beyond

Winner: Coach Alexis De La Crus

Nomination: “We knew from the first time we met Alexis that she was going to be a perfect fit. Alexis is very organized from warm-ups to time drills. After only one session Alexis had already mapped out several drills that not only challenged my daughter but made her step out of her comfort zone. Alexis has gone above and beyond just being a coach — she has freely shared her own personal experiences from playing soccer through club, high school and college, allowing our daughter to understand that she is not alone; that many have faced similar stresses and struggles from time to time. Seeing the smile on our daughter’s face and hearing her talk about her sessions with Alexis is priceless.”

Under Armour's Future Show

In October of this year, we were invited to Under Armour's global HQ in Baltimore, Maryland to partake in their annual Future Show. UA invites a select group of top innovative companies from around the nation to compete for a chance to win cash and support from Under Armour, and in return, Under Armour gets to leverage these new and innovative products with their customers.

It was a huge honor to not only participate in this prestigious event, but to also be selected as one of the five finalists of the Future Show. We're excited to work more closely with the awesome folks at Under Armour to create an even better product and experience for all of our users in 2016.


Facility Partnerships Kickoff

From tailoring a training session, to accommodating an injury, to resolving scheduling conflicts, we take user's concerns very seriously. As a Boston based company, we know all too well how much the weather can affect and delay our day to day plans. This winter, we want to make it easier for athletes and coaches to train together, no matter the forecast. We're kicking things off by partnering with Athletic Evolution in Woburn, MA as our first Sports Performance and Training Center.

CoachUp’s coaches will have access to Athletic Evolution’s turf for one-on-one and small group training with their CoachUp clients. Athletes can also now find Erik, the owner, and his staff on the CoachUp platform for all of your strength, speed, and sport performance needs.

We hope AE is the first of many such facility partnerships that we forge across the nation and can bring to our coaches and athletes in months to follow.

CoachUp Welcomes New CEO and Other Team Members

Last but certainly not least, we're ending our 2015 roundup with all of the awesome and bright new faces of CoachUp. One of the most noteworthy hires being our new CEO, John Kelley. John came to us in early January after having served as the CMO for The Princeton Review. Read more on his past experience here!

Along with John, we've made quite a few significant hires in 2015. Get to know them!


Thanks for helping make 2015 an unforgettable year for us at CoachUp. We can't wait to show you what's in store for the new year. On to 2016!

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