New Sports Training Categories Added to CoachUp!

New Sports Training Categories Added to CoachUp!

Here at CoachUp HQ, we're constantly racking our brains to find new ways to help athletes around the nation progress in sports and life. But we wanted to take it one step further. How can we help our athletes and their parents in their day to day lives? How can we really make a big impact? Lists laden with scribbles and notes littered the floors of our Boston office as we spent months researching and debating what our next big coaching offering would be. And finally, in an instance of epiphany, we had it. We're adding our next 3 sports. So, without further ado...

Introducing CoachUp's New Training Categories

There’s no such thing as an unorganized sports parent. Not a weekend goes by without meticulous planning and time estimations plotted on a war map in the barracks of the suburban basement. The marching orders are clear and precise: 

Tony, you take Kara to practice at 12:30. Laura, you’re on lunch duty. That gives me just enough time to get Dan to his pasta party at 2.

There is a large list of to-do’s and minimal margin for era. Packing the car for the weekend’s events is a science comprised of the 4 basic elements: people, equipment, uniforms, and snacks. What’s it like to play Tetris in real life? It’s a lot like owning a minivan as a parent of 3 athletes.

Introducing the Alley-Oop service from CoachUp, for the moments in life you need a little assistance. Need someone to get the 10 lbs of orange slices ready for the soccer game? Forgot to pack the backup hockey stick? Our coaches have got it covered.

This is not the 16th Century Shakespearean Era anymore. No one has a quill or a basin of ink on their desk. One simply cannot be expected to express themselves within the confines of the written word alone. We are emotional beings. We emote. We need a way to sophisticatedly articulate ourselves in 10 seconds or less.

It takes just one misstep, just one improper use of the ?emoji to start the next World War. Introducing Emoji Expression Training on CoachUp to help you navigate the tricky string of little pictures!

Hockey requires copious amounts of endurance and lower body muscle, while baseball and softball demand excellent hand-eye coordination. Basketball is filled with 6-foot-something giants that probably had one or two height-related nicknames in high school when all of their other friends were still struggling to break 5’5.

But if we’re talking about the ultimate playing field leveler? The sport that puts the kibosh on athletic advantages? In fact, it may have been the first competitive landscape for most of us! It starts with a count to 4 and it ends with a declaration of warfare. What happens after that can only be explained using the analogy of a chess game played by two Grandmasters. Introducing Thumb Wrestling Training on CoachUp. We’ll help you get mentally tough to outwit any opponent -- any time, any place. 

The Gear You Really Want

We figure you'll be training a lot more and earning far more CoachUp Cash points now that we've introduced these three new sports, so we wanted to get create even more sweet merch in the store for you. We've been a little hesitant to get these items out to our athletes as we're confident that they would sell out in seconds like tickets to Beyonce's World Tour if we didn't have a few warehouses in Texas stocked full of them. Well, we're excited to announce that Bob the Warehouse Manager called and we're ready for business...

CoachPup, the DVD


Working out alone is kinda cool, but working out with your pet... now we're onto something! Whether you wear Fido as a weighted vest or challenge him to a bench-press-off -- you're guaranteed to see results for you and your four-legged friend.

Hard Work Never Sleeps Sheet Set


Hard work never sleeps is a motto that we live by and drives many of our athletes and coaches. So, is there a better way to remind you of that lifestyle than a full sheet set adorned with our lovable coaches? Let's REM cycle our way to muscle recovery together!

80's Windbreaker


Have you ever yelled: "you have no power here, wind!" as you triumphantly make your way through Southern Florida during the middle of hurricane season? Well, we have just the solution! Just picture yourself in this amazing Nylon cocoon. Better luck next year, wind!

But Really...

OK, by now you've probably realized that this is an April Fools' Day post. But really, we're dedicated to helping kids improve their lives by building sport-specific skills and translatable characteristics like confidence and dedication through athletic training. It's not just the elite or super-competitive athletes that utilize CoachUp -- kids of all ages and athletic abilities are connecting with coaches and getting results they could have never anticipated. Check out Aliyah and Jaylen's story:

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