Gettin' Schooled With Grayson: The Must-Know Terms of Recruitment

Gettin' Schooled with Grayson: The Must-Know Terms of Recruitment

Over the past ten weeks, Grayson Williams-Krebs has been an outstanding addition to the CoachUp family as a hard-working intern that knows the passion required to play sports after high school. Although she's headed back to the West Coast for her senior year at the University of Puget Sound and the final preseason of her career, we realized that Grayson should continue her work with us outside of the office.

That's why we're launching a new series called Gettin' Schooled with Grayson! Check back every other week as Grayson will detail her journey through collegiate sports, answer the tough questions, and help athletes that need inspiration along the way! 

Question #1: How do I know if I’m ready for the next level?

Question #2: The Must-Know Terms of Recruitment

Earlier this month, we discussed playing at the next level -- are you ready? Can you commit to the altered lifestyle? If you haven't peeped that important first step, we suggest you start the process there. Once you decide that collegiate sports might be your jam, you'll then move onto the recruitment process. Unfortunately, for many, there are no classes to prepare you for this. Being recruited means visits, commitments, and, potentially, a walk-on opportunity -- but learning the complicated nature behind the phrases you'll hear are key.

The recruiting process is stressful as is and, to make it worse, it comes with complicated terminology and rules. To help you navigate through the recruitment process, here's a quick dictionary of words and terms to know:

Dead Period
Part of the recruitment calendar when coaches cannot contact student-athletes.

Evaluation Period
Part of the recruitment calendar when coaches can watch student-athletes compete and contact them via letters, emails, or telephone, but cannot contact him or her in person.

Contact Period
Part of the recruitment calendar when coaches can start to contact student-athletes.

Unofficial Visit
A visit to a University that the student-athlete paid for. You can take as many unofficial visits as you would like. Remember, if it's during the dead period, you cannot speak to any of the coaches during your visit. Typically, this is just to see the facilities, campus, and any other draws of a school.

Official Visit
A visit that is paid for by the University, which will include transportation, food, room, and entertainment. Often, these happen within the contact period so that you and the coach can figure out if it's a good fit.


A non-binding agreement between a student-athlete and the school -- either as a verbal or oral commitment. Even if you commit, you're still able to look at offers from other schools and re-consider if the opportunity presents itself.

National Letter of Intent
An official agreement between a student-athlete and a school that states that that student-athlete will attend that school for one academic year. After a student-athlete signs a NLI, he or she cannot be contacted by other schools.

A student-athlete that plays and trains with a school but does not have an athletic scholarship at the Division I or Division II level.

A student-athlete that plays four seasons of his or her sport over five years. This student-athlete typically still goes to practices and classes, but sits out games -- typically due to an injury or player in front of them on the depth chart. By redshirting, they keep their eligibility for that year instead of losing it.

A student-athlete that waits to enroll in a school until the winter or spring term. Once enrolled, that student-athlete then begins classes and practice with the team.

In addition to these terms to know, you should also check out the NCAA Recruitment Schedule -- which will let you know the dates of when certain periods begin and end. Of course, different sports and divisions will have different calendars, so make sure you're not missing your big opportunity by simply being unprepared!

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