Fundamentals: How to Throw a Right Uppercut

The Right Uppercut

As opposed to the Jab, Straight Right, and Left Hook, the Uppercut is delivered in an upward motion which creates powerful biomechanical leverage without a large range of motion. It’s best to throw this punch in close range, and use it in response to a movement of your opponent. The most important part of throwing the uppercut is starting in the correct position with knees bent and hips low so you can deliver explosive energy into the punch. It is the combination of the upward thrust & rotation of the hips which creates the bulk of the power in the uppercut.

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Fundamental Right Uppercut 

  • Make the punch starts from below your target by either bending the legs, lowering your right shoulder or both.
  • Fully rotate right hip forward as though throwing a straight right hand.
  • Keep elbow as low as possible * Half way thru rotation, begin to twist wrist so that your palm is facing up & curled towards your chest (supinated), then complete rotation of wrist as far as it will turn upon impact.
  • Snatch arm back into start position immediately.


  • It’s best not to lead with this punch unless opponent is seriously hurt and there is no risk of opponent countering etc.
  • Best to throw this punch when opponents head is lower than your shoulders. If possible, throw it as opponent head is moving downward to create a more intense collision.


  • Leading with the Uppercut: If opponent is indeed “hurt” and surely not going to counter, it is okay to advance forward and lead with this punch.
  • When doing so, simply slide left foot forward, then plant and grip the ground with your left foot as you rotate and deliver the uppercut.

Fighters to Study 

  • Mike Tyson
  • Jose Napoles
  • George Foreman Sr.
  • Canelo Alvarez
  • Sugar Ray Robinson

Other Punches: Jab, Straight Right Hand, Left Hook, Right Uppercut, Left Uppercut

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