The Fundamental Traits For Advanced Body Control And Balance

The Fundamental Traits For Advanced Body Control And Balance

Big dunks and fearsome steals might be some essential staples of basketball, however, many of those heroic, crowd-shocking moments are literally and physically impossible without the proper attention to the smaller stuff. Enter: your balance and body control -- and, yes, it may seem like an obvious statement, but this type of training can often go overlooked. Don’t skimp out on these things, or you’ll never be able to be part of the biggest moments of the game. Below, CoachUp describes what each of these mean and the steps to take your game to another level.


Simply put, balance is the ability to maintain the center of your body’s mass over the base support, which determines direction and speed of movement. Once balance is established a player is able to make correct transition from offense to defense. You can tell that a player has strong balance if they can transition between different positions on the court quickly and efficiently. Without proper balance, you'll be the man on the floor after getting crossed over.

Body Control

Locomotor skills are the basic foundation for body control and balance. These comes down to some basic movements that are used, or at least learn, in your daily life. These movements include: walking, dodging, jogging, running, galloping, skipping, hopping, jumping, leaping, sliding, and gliding.

You'll know that you've mastered body control when all of these motions can be performed completely at ease at any pace. Obviously, some are used by most human beings on a daily basis, but think of them as the building blocks to body control. By eventually working on gliding, you will be an unstoppable force on the basketball court.

The Four Fundamental Steps 


The perfect stance to use in basketball revolves around having your knees are slightly bent and feet in a parallel or staggered stance, with arms and hands out to the side. Most frequently, this is known as the ready position and puts your body in a position to move quickly -- and this stance is used on both offense and defense.

Starts And Stops

In order to improve on quickness, players must maintain good stance, working on their ability to starts and stop on command. Typically, this can be practiced through some simple sprints -- just make sure to shift your weight in the new direction, stay low and focused. On the other hand, it’s equally essential to develop your ability to come to a complete stop in ready stance with a one-count jump stop -- which is landing both feet at the same time in a staggered stance ready to play.

Turns and Pivots

As a basketball player, there may not be anything more important than creating an effective and creative triple threat, one that you can rely on in any situation or real-game scenario. Work on developing the rotating motions of your body on a established pivot foot in that triple threat position. This is used to square up to the basket on offense -- it’s particularly incredible because it puts the defender is a difficult position. Will he shoot? Will he pass? Will he dribble? The defender cannot use anything to has advantage and must typically just sit, wait, and react as best they can.


Keep in mind that when using two-footed power jumps, the player should use the ready stance principle. The player must be able to land with balance and a wide base in the stance, ready to immediately jump again. Your timing and landing position will determine how quick you next jump can be.

Leg strength is critical to the overall development of speed and quickness. Muscular strength adds stability around joints that protect you from injury and aids in power and explosiveness. Most elite athlete goes through a vertical jump program, which targets strength, power, and flexibility.

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Huddle Up

These skills will slowly develop as you become more comfortable on the court, but spending extra time on them can only help. Most players must stop and change direction at a moment’s notice, rise up for an important rebound, or curl around a screen as fast as possible, and, believe it or not, it is your body control and balance that helps you do all of that.

If you’re still curious about these ideals and fundamentals, or might be struggling with the concepts anyways, consider booking one of CoachUp’s private trainers to set you straight. Our team will help you make huge improvements in your game, stuff that will truly translate to all facets of basketball -- so what are you waiting for?

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