How to Come Back from Getting Cut

Being cut from a team is often accompanied by an overwhelming assortment of emotions, ranging from disappointment to anger, and almost everything in between. Getting cut is not fun, no doubt about it, but let’s go through a few tips that have helped many athletes get through some very tough and trying times. With these suggestions, take it as an opportunity to evolve and use them as motivation to keep practicing, learning, and growing as both an athlete and a person.  Then, the next time tryouts come back up, the results may just surprise you and everybody else watching.

Stay Involved

While it may take all of your courage, try talking to the coach to see if there is an alternative way to be a part of the team. Whether that is being a manager, assistant coach, or any other position, being a part of the team can help you feel like you’re still a valuable asset. From personal experience, I was cut from the baseball team in high school and found myself absolutely devastated. The next day, I asked to be the team manager. My coach was excited that I asked and more than happy to find a spot for me. The next year, I made the team, and he told me that a big part of his decision was my audacity to stay involved. No matter what, it can never hurt to ask and volunteer.

Don’t Give Up

Demoralizing instances like getting cut can be tough -- I'd be lying if I said I never wanted to quit right then and there.

While that may be your instant reaction, you can’t let one person or team keep you from playing a sport that you love. Work harder, work smarter, and come back even better.

At the very least, new and informative experiences help you mentally prepare for the next time out. Having a chip on your shoulder can be a very motivating and valuable thing, so use it to go out and prove people wrong.

Find Your Support System

Don’t be afraid to talk about getting cut -- you have family, friends, teachers, and so many other people around you that can help you get through it. Your instinct may be to isolate yourself out of embarrassment but do your best to surround yourself with a support system that will help ease the pain. It may be somebody that can give you advice, but it may be as simple as a shoulder to cry on. Remember, there are people in your life that care and want you to succeed at every obstacle -- so grab their perspective before taking some alone time to refuel.

Ask For Feedback

If you are comfortable enough, ask the coaching staff, or even the other athletes, for their thoughts on your performance. It is often tough to evaluate yourself honestly -- both positively or negatively -- so bringing in a different perspective may open your eyes to something you weren’t aware of. Take constructive criticism from others, and use it to better yourself. Having a list of your strengths and weaknesses can be essential to your growth and development as an athlete.

Work With a Private Coach

CoachUp has an incredible database of coaches all over the country. Whether you need help on the field or just with your confidence, we can assure that you’ll find the perfect coach! Being cut from a team can be devastating, but working with a coach can get you back in the groove and taking steps towards bouncing back stronger.

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